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a. Note:   lina
  Birth / Baptism from St. Bartholomew's Church records, page 70
  Noted as Captain with spouse as members of St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church in 1933, page 54 of St. Bartholomew's Church history 1833-1933.
  The Genealogy of the Sharpless Family, pub. 1887, compiled by Gilbert Cope, page 950.
 Dictionary of North Carolina Biography Vol.4 L-O edited by William S. Powell, Henry Armand London
  Alumni History of the University of North Carolina: Electronic Edition.
 University of North Carolina (1793-1962) Ed. by Grant, Daniel Lindsey, b. 1897
 LONDON, JOHN JACKSON Naval Officer Care Navy dept., Washington, D. C.; s. 1899-1901; grad. U. S. naval acad. 1905; b. Pittsboro, Jan. 6, 1833; p. Henry Armand and Bettie Louise (Jackson); Phi Delta Theta; Di Soc.; officer U. S. navy 1905-; rank commander 1918-; navigator U. S. S. New Jersey 1917; exec. officer U. S. S. Columbia 1918-19; exec. officer battleship Florida 1924-; Episcopalian.
  Mentioned in Lucy London Anderson obituary (Fayetteville Observer - 11 Jul 1947) as being retired US Navy and living in Chicago
 Rockingham Post Dispatch Vol.42 No.24 (23 April 1959) "Descendants of Secretary to Lord Tryon in Reunion"
  Social Security Index for death date and place SSN 267-46-9409
  North Carolina Biographical Index
 London, John Jackson (1883 - ) Source: Grant, Daniel Lindsey. Alumni History of the University of North Carolina. General Alumni Association of the University of North Carolina, 1924. C378 UT5. Source Number: 89 Page(s): 373 Portrait: N Call Number: C378 UT5
 London, John Jackson (1883 - 1973) Source: North Carolina Collection Clipping File Through 1975 Source Number: 511 Volume Number: 23
 Page(s): 397-399 Portrait: N Call Number: CRBo N87
  The Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County, Genealogy Family files : London family, article "The Man with Messages" Greensboro Daily News 29 Apr 1962
  Chatham Record dated 1 May 1930 pg 1 notes Marriage of Capt John J. London to Miss Genevieve Sculley in Los Angeles (clipping from files of Dr. Artur Hill London, Jr)
  North Carolina : The Old North State and the new, Vol. V, pg 434-436, Henry Mauger London

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