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Marriage: Children:
  1. Caroline Haughton London: Birth: 12 OCT 1892 in North Carolina. Death: 7 JAN 1923 in Raleigh, Wake Cnty, North Carolina

  2. Inder Tucker London: Birth: 17 OCT 1897 in Raleigh, Wake Cnty, North Carolina. Death: 2 OCT 1988 in Gadsden, Etowah Cnty, Alabama

a. Note:   254957 National Archives Film T9-0957 Page 94D
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 University of North Carolina (1793-1962) Ed. by Grant, Daniel Lindsey, b. 1897
 *LONDON, JOHN HAUGHTON Dentist From Pittsboro; Washington, D. C.; d. Dec. 30, 1917; s. 1886-88; D.D.S. Balt. Col. of Dentistry 1890; sec. D. C. dental soc. 1900, vice-pres. 1901, pres. 1902; dental surg. U. S. S. Home 1903.
  Occupation: Dentist
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