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a. Note:   age 58, 207 (original Baptismal register reads Alice Haughton London)
  Marriage and Death Notices in Raleigh Register, North Carolina State Gazette, Daily Sentinel, Raleigh Observer, and News and Observer 1867-1881 compiled by Broughton, page 780 (death notice in Daily Sentinel)
  Sharpless Family Genealogy compiled by Gilbert Cope, 1887, pg 950, family #3581- gives name as Alice Hill London
  Marriage and Death Notices from Wilmington, NC Newspapers 1866-1870 by Sammons, pg 112 death date, place, age, gives name as Alice Haughton London, eldest child of Caroline H. and Capt. W.L. London
  The Gravesites of Chatham County, North Carolina, vol. II, K-Z, pg 30, notes cemetery K25.1, St. Bartholomew's, Pittsboro
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