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a. Note:   1850 NC census, Guilford County pg 430B-431, family 874 1880 SC census Rock Hill, York County reel T9-1243 page 437A
 1900 SC Soundex York County, Catawba Township, Rock Hill (Vol.52, ED 90, Sheet 51,Line 82)
  Confirmed 2 Aug 1874 at Church of Our Savior, Rock Hill, South Carolina - Register 1 page 78.
 Rock Hill Record 3 Jun 1904 page 1 col. 3 - Obituary for John R. London
 Old Families of Rock Hill, South Carolina, Vol.2 (I-Z) pages 161-164
 Newspaper article "London House on Chatham Avenue Built Just After War Between States" - Evening Herald 2 Jun 1949. In clipping file at Rock Hill library #245Y - S.C. - Homes, Historic - York County - notes death year for Mrs. London as 1934
 Church of Our Savior, Rock Hill, South Carolina Register 2 page 147
  Laurelwood Cemetery, Rock Hill, South Carolina - Section 1 Lot 40
 Laurelwood Cemetery, Rock Hill, South Carolina
 Record 17 Grave File Data
 Occupants N
 Burial Receipt 888
 Burial Date 12/30/1934
 Burial Cost 0.01
 Misc Cost 0
 Amount Paid 0.01
 Deceased Name LONDON, CAMMIE R.
 Burial Order# 888
  The Episcopal Church of Our Saviour, Rock Hill South Carolina 1870-1976, pg 25 noted as one of the founders of Our Savior, picture
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