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  1. Gillebride of Colonsay : Birth: ABT 1040 in Isle of Colonsay. Death: 1110 in Isle of Colonsay

a. Note:   The powerful Earl Sigurd, the father of Thorfinn, had really a son his first-born, named Somerled, while the husband of his sister, the Sudreyan earl, is called Gille (i.e., Gilbrigid, Gilchrist, Gil-Adomnan, or another similar name), we find it rather likely that Somerled the elder was a descendant of Earl Gille by the sister of Earl Sigurd, and that his name, as well as that of Earl Sigurd's son, was derived from the same common ancestor; say, it is even probable that Somerled of the Isles, who seems to have been born about 1020, was immediately named after the Orkneyan earl who died about that time. (Chronicle of Man and the Sudreys, note 14)
  In the Annals of the Four Masters it is stated that Somerled, son of Gilbrigid, king of Innsie Gall (i.e., the Sudreys), died in 1083. (Chronicle of Man and the Sudreys, note 14)
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