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Giovanni Sforza: Birth: 1466. Death: 1510
Muzio Sforza: Birth: 1369. Death: 1424
Nancy Shank: Birth: 11 JUN 1816. Death: 19 MAR 1899
Christian Sharp: Birth: 4 APR 1820 in Mifflin Co., PA. Death: 13 JUN 1866 in Mifflin Co., PA
Gideon Sharp: Birth: 28 JUN 1847 in Belleville, Mifflin, PA. Death: 28 MAY 1908 in Comins Twp., Oscoda, MI
Peter Scharff Sharp: Birth: 1765 in Leacock Twp., Lancaster, PA. Death: DEC 1796 in Huntingdon Co., PA
Peter Sharp: Birth: 11 DEC 1792 in Huntingdon Co., PA. Death: 11 MAY 1875 in Mifflin Co., PA
Stella Elmira Sharp: Birth: 27 OCT 1893 in East Lynne, Cass, MO. Death: 24 MAR 1953 in Goshen, Elkhart, IN
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Beatrice Lillian Shepardson: Birth: 17 DEC 1904 in Cloquet, Carlton, MN. Death: 11 APR 1992 in St. Louis Co., MN
Josephine Anderson Sheridan: Birth: 1878 in Småland, Sweden. Death: 1954 in Chicago, Cook, IL
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Elmer Wallis Shoberg: Death: 1 OCT 1897 in Dalesberg, Clay, SD
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Isabel Sibbald: Death: ABT 1501
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Nn Sibbjörnsdotter: Birth: 1530 in Österfannbyn, Anundsjö, Västernorrland, Sweden. Death: UNKNOWN
Björn Sibbjörnsson: Birth: 1525 in Sörflärke, Anundsjö, Västernorrland, Sweden. Death: UNKNOWN
Olof Sibbjörnsson: Birth: 1510 in Sörflärke, Anundsjö, Västernorrland, Sweden. Death: 1575 in Sörflärke, Anundsjö, Västernorrland, Sweden
Jean Sibelius: Birth: 8 DEC 1865 in Hämeenlinna, Häme, Finland. Death: 20 SEP 1957 in Järvenpää, Uusimaa, Finland
Kristian Gustav Sibelius: Birth: 1821 in Loviisa, Uusimaa, Finland. Death: 1868 in Hämeenlinna, Häme, Finland
Magnus Sidenbom: Birth: 12 MAR 1696/97. Death: UNKNOWN
Margareta Magnusdotter Sidenbom: Birth: 5 SEP 1728 in Alsen, Jämtland, Sweden. Death: UNKNOWN
Maria Magdalena Sidenbom: Birth: 22 MAR 1721/22 in Oviken, Jämtland, Sweden. Death: 9 SEP 1765 in Sweden
Brita Katarina Abrahamsdotter Sidenia: Birth: 12 MAR 1732/33 in Ås, Z. Death: 1788 in Bledäng, Näs, Z
Brita Larsdotter Sidenia: Birth: 1630 in Sidensjö, Västernorrland, Sweden. Death: 1716 in Västerby, Sidensjö, Y
Brita Larsdotter Sidenia: Birth: in Sidensjö, Västernorrland. Death: 1716 in Sidensjö, Västernorrland
Elisabet Larsdotter Sidenia: Birth: 1632 in Sidensjö, Västernorrland, Sweden. Death: 1676 in Höven, Resele, Västernorrland, Sweden
Katarina Sidenia: Death: 1746 in Ovanåker, Gävleborg
Kristina Johansdotter Sidenia: Birth: 1632 in Nyland, Sidensjö, Västernorrland. Death: 1704
Nn Nilsdotter Sidenia: Birth: ABT 1590 in Prästgården, Sidensjö, Y. Death: 1670 in Sidensjö, Y
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Abraham Abrahamsson Sidenius: Birth: 2 DEC 1704 in Frösö, Z. Death: 29 JUN 1768
Abraham Johansson Sidenius: Birth: 1669 in Stockholm. Death: 1719 in Jämtland
Daniel Larsson Sidenius: Birth: ABT 1635 in Sidensjö, Västernorrland, Sweden. Death: 1686 in Jämtland
Daniel Nicolai Sidenius: Birth: SEP 1592 in Prästgården, Sidensjö, Y. Death: 1 JUN 1666
Erik Nilsson Sidenius: Birth: ABT 1589 in Näs, Sidensjö, Västernorrland, Sweden. Death: AFT 1670 in Ulvvik, Nordingrå, Västernorrland, Sweden
Johan Larsson Sidenius: Birth: ABT 1635 in Sidensjö, Y. Death: 1682 in Stockholm
Johannes Sidenius: Birth: ABT 1603 in Sidensjö, Västernorrland, Sweden. Death: 1625 in Sidensjö, Y
Laurentius Nicolai Sidenius: Birth: ABT 1595 in Prästgården, Sidensjö, Y. Death: 1667 in Prästgården, Sidensjö, Y
Nils Larsson Sidenius: Birth: ABT 1625 in Sidensjö, Y. Death: AFT 1644 in Uppsala, Uppsala, Sweden
Anna Maria Sidenmark: Birth: NOV 1788 in Anundsjö, Västernorrland, Sweden. Death: 18 DEC 1821
Olof Sidenmark: Birth: 15 APR 1738 in Åsby, Sidensjö, Västernorrland, Sweden. Death: 23 MAR 1817 in Anundsjö, Västernorrland, Sweden
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Rebecca Siffredsdotter: Birth: 1616 in Norrbärke, Dalarna. Death: 1699 in Grangärde, Dalarna
Signy Sigardsdóttir: Birth: ABT 744 in Norway. Death: UNKNOWN
Per Sigbjörnsson: Birth: ABT 1520 in Flyn, Ramsele, Y. Death: AFT 1570 in Flyn, Ramsele, Y
Sigebut: Death: 621
Olaus Sigfidi: Birth: 1540. Death: 1624 in Arnäs, Västernorrland
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Brita Sigfridsdotter: Birth: 1628 in Flatnan, Söderbärke, Dalarna, Sweden. Death: UNKNOWN
Brita Sigfridsdotter: Birth: 4 SEP 1673 in Torrfasten, Grangärde, Dalarna. Death: 13 DEC 1740 in Gruvriset, Norrbärke, Dalarna
Carin Sigfridsdotter: Birth: DEC 1670 in Storön 3, Nederkalix, Norrbotten, Sweden. Death: UNKNOWN
Gunborg Sigfridsdotter: Birth: ABT 1540 in Närby, Norrala, Gävleborg, Sweden. Death: AFT 1597 in Torsåker, Västernorrland, Sweden
Karin Sigfridsdotter: Birth: 1737. Death: UNKNOWN
Margareta Sigfridsdotter: Birth: 19 FEB 1699/00 in Västansjö, Norrbärke, Kopparberg, Sverige. Death: 31 DEC 1788 in Norrgården, Voxna, Gävleborg, Sverige
Margeta Sigfridsdotter: Birth: JUL 1613. Death: MAR 1703/04
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Anders Sigfridsson: Birth: 1527 in Närby, Norrala, Gävleborg, Sweden. Death: UNKNOWN
Anders Sigfridsson: Birth: 1755 in Espinära nybygge 1, Nederkalix, Norrbotten, Sweden. Death: UNKNOWN in okänd
Erik Sigfridsson: Death: 17 APR 1669 in Storön, Nederkalix, Norrbotten, Sweden
Erik Sigfridsson: Birth: ABT 1600. Death: BET 1660 AND 1669 in Västervåla
Göran Sigfridsson: Birth: 10 APR 1640 in Skattlösberg, Grangärde, Dalarna, Sweden. Death: 13 NOV 1720 in Skattlösberg, Grangärde, Dalarna, Sweden
Nils Sigfridsson: Birth: ABT 1535 in Bredbyn, Anundsjö, Västernorrland, Sweden. Death: 1616 in Näs, Anundsjö, Västernorrland, Sweden
Olof Sigfridsson: Birth: ABT 1610 in Finland. Death: 1666 in Viken, Ljusnarsberg
Per Sigfridsson: Birth: ABT 1640 in Gärdsjöbo, Söderbärke, Dalarna, Sweden. Death: 16 MAY 1722 in Årängen, Söderbärke, Dalarna, Sweden
Samuel Sigfridsson: Birth: ABT 1677 in Flobo, Västanfors, Västmanland, Sweden. Death: UNKNOWN
Sigfrid Sigfridsson: Birth: 4 SEP 1727 in Sangis 6, Nederkalix, Norrbotten, Sweden. Death: AFT 1777 in okänd
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Jon Siggardsson: Birth: ABT 1622 in of Rise, Offerdal, Jämtland, Sweden. Death: UNKNOWN
Ebba Siggesdotter: Birth: AFT 1590. Death: UNKNOWN
Ingeborg Siggesdotter: Birth: BEF 1310. Death: UNKNOWN
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Halfdan Siggurdsson: Birth: 995. Death: UNKNOWN
Christina Sigmundsdóttir: Birth: ABT 1295 in Uppsala, Sweden. Death: UNKNOWN
Sigurd Sigmundsson: Birth: ABT 735 in Norway. Death: UNKNOWN
Sigrid: Birth: ABT 1240. Death: UNKNOWN
Sigrid: Birth: ABT 971 in Halland, Sweden. Death: UNKNOWN
Sigrid: Birth: 1855 in Stockholm, Sweden. Death: UNKNOWN
Sigrid: Death: 25 APR 1685 in Yttermorjärv #8 forsen, Nederkalix, Norrbotten, Sweden
Sigrid: Birth: ABT 1578. Death: UNKNOWN in Andersvattnet 3, Burträsk, Västerbotten, Sweden
Sigrid: Birth: ABT 1500. Death: 1562 in Öjebyn, Piteå lfs., Norrbotten, Sweden
Sigrid: Birth: ABT 1580. Death: UNKNOWN
Sigrid: Birth: 1679 in Njurunda. Death: FEB 1757 in Njurunda
Sigrid: Birth: 1656. Death: 1698 in Bygdeträsk, Burträsk, Västerbotten, Sweden
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Olaf Cuarán Sigtryggsson: Birth: ABT 926. Death: 981 in Iona, Scotland
Olaf Sigtryggsson: Birth: in Dublin, Ireland. Death: 1034 in England on his way to Rome
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Nn Sigurdsdotter: Birth: ABT 1500 in Hövdsjö, Revsund, Jämtland, Sweden. Death: 1535 in Hövdsjö, Revsund, Jämtland, Sweden
Cecilia Sigurdsdóttir: Birth: ABT 1155. Death: 1186
Gunnhild Sigurdsdóttir: Birth: 1000 in Bergen, Søndre Bergenhus, Norge. Death: UNKNOWN in Ringnes, Stange, Norway
Kraka\Aslaug Sigurdsdóttir: Birth: ABT 765 in Denmark. Death: UNKNOWN
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