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Marriage: Children:
  1. Ragnvald Gudrødsson: Birth: ABT 1160 in Isle of Man. Death: 14 FEB 1228/29 in Isle of Man

  2. Olaf II 'Svarte\the Black' Gudrødsson: Birth: ABT 1173 in Isle of Man. Death: 21 MAY 1237 in Isle of Man

1. Title:   Björn Espell/Jan Eurenius
Author:   Björn Espell

a. Note:   Gudröd Olofsson was a king on Isle of Man in England and the Hebrides
 in Scotland 1153-1158 and 1164-1187 (S: Succession records for Isle of Man;
 Björn Espell). He first married an unknown woman with whom he had a son
 (C: Ragnvald Gudrödsson, *1165, approximately, †1229-02-14, Isle of Man,
 England, see #14746624 below). It appears as if Gudröd (Godred) Olofsson is
 identitcal to Godred Olafsson who married Finola (Fionnuala) Mac (Nic)
 Lochlainn (S: Chronicle of Man and the Isles, May Teistevoll; Björn Espell).
 In addition, it has been speculated that (1) she was daughter of the King of
 Ireland MacLottlen (Mac Lochlainn, son of Muircheartach, King of Ireland
 (S: Chronicle of Man and the Isles, May Teistevoll; Björn Espell), possibly
 identical to High King Muircheartach/Murtagh, and that (2) their marriage
 was the final seal on an alliance between the so-called Manx family and the
 so-called Clann Lochlainn (S: P.A. MagLochlainn; Björn Espell). According
 to the tradition in the Chronicles of Man, the people of Dublin asked Godred,
 King of Man, in 1154 to be their king. One translation of this tract suggests
 that when Murtagh, King of Ireland, heard this, he assembled a host and
 marched on Dublin with his twin brother, Osiblen (who was killed in the
 ensuing battle). Another translation calls Osiblen his uterine brother and
 renders the name of the King of Ireland as Muirchertach (S: P.A.
 MagLochlainn; Björn Espell). It has further been suggested in the Chronicle
 of Man and the Isles that Gudröd (Godred) Olofsson traveled to Norway and
 King Inge before his father Olaf was killed in 1153 at Ramsey by Gudröd`s
 cousins. On his return, Gudröd blinded two of his cousins and killed the third
 (S: Frances Coakley). It has been suggested that Gudröd was buried around
 1187 in Iona in the Hebrides in Scotland (S: Directory of Royal Genealogical
 Data; Björn Espell).
 S: Chronicle of Man and the Isles (May Teistevoll, Norway); G.V.C. Young
 (1986) The Three Legs Go to Scandinavia (Peel, Isle of Man); Directory of
 Royal Genealogical Data, Hull, England; P.A. MagLochlainn; Frances
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