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Marriage: Children:
  1. Afreca of Galloway : Birth: ABT 1099 in Galloway, Scotland. Death: ABT 1130 in Isle of Man

  2. Gilbert of Galloway : Birth: ABT 1100 in Galloway, Scotland. Death: 1185

  3. Uchtred Roland of Galloway : Birth: ABT 1100 in Galloway, Scotland. Death: 1174

a. Note:   Fergus was Lord of Galloway (S: Tom Björnstad). Galloway is a county in
 southwestern Scotland that neighbors the northern part of Isle of Man. It has
 been suggested that Olof (Bitling) Gudrödsson was completing the
 organization of the Scottish dioceses. He induced Fergus to make Galloway a
 diocese. This was done and the bishop´s seat placed at Whithorn, at that time
 rehabilitated as a priory. Olaf, by his connection with Fergus, came into this
 stream of influence. Fle made Mann and the Isles a diocese, with a diocesan
 bishop, and also founded (or rehabilitated) Rushen Abbey (Isle of Man) (S:
 Frances Coakley; Björn Espell). It has been suggested that Fergus died in the
 Abby of Holyrood in Edinburg, Scotland. He had spent the last year to a year
 and a half there most likely because he was to old to defend his dominions.
 One of his sons (Uchtred Roland of Galloway) became the new Lord (S:
 Lyle R. (Andy) Anderson, New Westminster, BC, Canada; Björn Espell).
 S: Chronicle of Man and the Isles (May Teistevoll, Norway); Succession
 records for Isle of Man; Tom Björnstad; Frances Coakley; Lyle R. (Andy)
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