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Marriage: Children:
  1. Almira Ann Knapp: Birth: 8 OCT 1829 in Canada West (Ontario, Canada). Death: 8 JAN 1863 in Schoolcraft Twp., Kalamazoo County, Michigan

  2. ? George Knapp: Birth: 13 APR 1830 in Ithaca, Thompkins County, New York. Death: 8 MAR 1879 in Comstock, Kalamazoo County, Michigan

  3. ? Jesse Knapp: Birth: 1833 in Canada.

  4. John B. Knapp: Birth: 23 MAR 1833 in Ontario, Canada. Death: 20 JAN 1916 in Winona, Winona County, Minnesota

  5. ? Hubbard Knapp: Birth: 11 MAR 1837 in ? Vermillion, Erie County, Ohio. Death: 17 MAR 1907 in of Sutton, Helena Twp., Griggs County, North Dakota

  6. ? Nathan Knapp: Birth: 8 MAY 1837 in Canada or Michigan. Death: 11 JUL 1904 in Tacoma, Pierce County, Washington

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a. Continued:   Amos was born in 1806 or 1807 (perhaps as late as 1808) in New York State (or perhaps Ontario, Canada). He married (likely in Canada) Elizabeth Blezzard, a native of England. (The name Blezzard name is sometimes spelled Blizzard or Buzzard.)
 Amos and Elizabeth Knapp remained in "C.W."--Ontario, Canada--for a few years, and moved to Michigan around 1836 or 1837. (Amos' possible son, Nathan Knapp, on the 1900 Census indicates he arrived in the USA in 1838.)
 Mrs. Elizabeth (Blezzard) Knapp died when her daughter, Almira, was 14, so in late 1843 or 1844, and at that time they would have been in Michigan.
 Amos Knapp operated a store in Muskegon, Muskegon Co., Michigan at one time. Aunt Flora Almira (Phillips) Beadell (1849-1839) wrote in an old letter that she remembered visiting her grandfather's store in Muskegon. Since Aunt Flora was born in 1849, Amos Knapp must have still been keeping store there in the 1850s.
 He removed to Winona Co., MN (where his son, John B. Knapp, preceded him about 1855), where he and his second wife, Martha, were living with his son, John, in Twp. 106 in 1857. Amos and Martha Knapp were enumerated in Twp. 105 in 1860, and in Hart Twp. in 1870 and 1875. By 1880, Amos was living with his son, John B, Knapp, in Winona, Winona Co.
 Amos may have had a son named Nathan (as a Nathan Knapp of Winona, MN had dealings with the Phillips family in Iowa), and perhaps another son named Amos, but that is not known for sure.
  From deed records of Winona Co., MN, it appears that Nathan Knapp, George Knapp, David A. Knapp and Hubbard Knapp all had land transactions that would indicate they are connected somehow. In 1859, a Nathan Knapp (who may or may not be the same) was living in Schoolcraft, Kalamazoo Co., MI, and George Knapp was living in Prairie Ronde, Kalamazoo Co., MI. See notes under each.
 The only homestead claimed by a man named Amos Knapp in Michigan:
 Amos S. Knapp, SW 1/4 of NW 14/ of Twp 8 S, Range 1 E (Michigan-Toledo Strip), located in Lenawee County, Michigan. Document 4339, issued 16 March 1837 at the Monroe Land Office.
  No land entries were issued to Amos Knapp in Minnesota.
 I have not located "Amos" Knapp on the 1840 US Census in Michigan. "A. S." Knapp (no doubt Amos S.) was enumerated in Medina, Lanawee Co., Michigan, but he was 20-30 years old, so not the right age. He would be the Amos S. Knapp (b. abt 1812 in New York) who was enumerated on the 1850 Census in Adrian Twp., Lenawee County, Michigan, with his wife Sarah and three daughters, Jane, Julia and Sarah.
  The only Knapp family enumerated on the 1840 Census in Cass County, Michigan (where the Phillips family lived) was the Joel Knapp household in Ontwa Twp., Cass County.
  A John Knapp household was enumerated in Prairie Ronde Twp., Kalamazoo County, Michigan in 1840.
  The ancestor Amos Knapp was enumerated in the following censuses:
 1850 U.S. Census
 (Twp. not specified) Newago Co., MI
 (boarding, with a numberof others, in the household of John A. Brooke, 46, Lumberman)
 Amos Knapp, 45, Labour, b. NY
 John Knapp, 17, Labour, b. MI 1857 Minnesota Territorial Census (enumerated 14 Nov. 1857)
 Twp. 106, Winona Co., MN (household no. 14)
 John Knapp, 24, m, b. Canada, Farmer, Naturalized
 Amos Knapp, 56, m, b. NY (Canada crossed out), Farmer, Naturalized Martha Knapp, 48, f, b. Canada Elizabeth Knapp, 20, f, b. Michigan 1860 U.S. Census (Roll 576, p. 627)
 Twp. 105, Range 8, Winona Co., MN
 Post Office: Rushford (family no. 459)
 Amos Knapp, 52, m., farmhand, real estate $300, personal property $100, b. W. Canada
 Martha, 38, f., b. W. Canada Martha (? -- could actually refer to Nathan or ?), 23, m., farmer, real estate $500, personal property $75, b. W. Canada
 (The name of third person in this record appears to be spelled that same as Martha, so I am inclined to think the enumerator mistakenly wrote Martha twice, which means the correct name for this 23-year-old male was not written at all.)
  1865 Minnesota Census
 Hart Twp., Winona Co., MN (household 32)
 Amos Knapp, m
 Martha, f [not in index, but found on original page]
  There are TWO records (with slightly different entries) for the same household 1870:
 1870 U.S Census
 Series: M593 Roll: 719 Page: 240
 Town of Hart (St. Charles P.O.), Winona Co., MN
 house 99 / family 104
 Amos Knapp, 68, m., farmer, real estate $2,000, personal property $450, b. Canada
 Martha, 52, f., keeping house, b. Canada 1870 U.S Census
 Series: T132 Roll: 12 Page: 670
 Town of Hart, Winona Co., MN
 house 98 / family 104
 Amos Knapp, 63, m., farmer, real estate $2,000, personal property $450, b. Canada
 Martha Ann, 52, f., keeping house, b. Canada 1875 Minnesota State Census
 Hart Twp., Winona Co., MN [probably--did not note place when I transcribed the record] (household 42)
 Amos Knapp, 68, m, b. Canada, father & mother both b. Canada
 Martha Knapp, 54, f, b. Canada, father & mother both b. Canada In 1880, Amos was living with his son, John B. Knapp in Winona, Second Ward, Winona Co., MN:
 Amos Knapp, 75, m, b. NY, father & mother both b. NY
  No Amos Knapp or Martha Knapp were enumerated in the 1885 Minnesota Census.
 Since Amos Knapp's daughter, Almira, married Edgar Phillips in 1847 in Cass Co., Michigan, there may be some connection to another Amos Knapp who had a wood-working repair shop with John Crawford there in 1867, and these two held the patent for the Dowagiac grain drill. This Amos Knapp was born in 1831 in Columbia Co., NY, and was the son of William B. Knapp of Dutchess Co., NY. For a biographicla sketch of Amos Knapp (b. 1831), see: A Twentieth Century History of Cass County, Michigan, edited by Lowell H. Glover (1906), pp. 702-703.
 Charles Ruggles Knapp of Winona, MN (who was born in Greene Co., NY) made an extensive study in the late 1800s and early 1900s of the Knapp family and its various branches, tracing "his" Knapps and others of Michigan and Minnesota, New York and Canada, back to the several Knapp immigrants of early New England. A small tract of his that I located at the New York Public Library in spring 2001 was quite interesting, although made no firm connection to "our" line. Curiously, it mentioned that he had compiled a "complete manuscript" of descendants and relatives, but through correspondence with others who were familiar with his work, it seems Charles Ruggles Knapp was not always on the mark and his "complete manuscript" has never been located.
 Amos Knapp may be a brother or some close relative to brothers John J. Knapp and Sylvanus Knapp who married Demaray sisters in Canada. Members of this Knapp family also migrated from Canada to Michigan and settled in Minn. and Wisc.: among them was a John Knapp (b. 1846) who married another Elizabeth "Blizzard." Also, "Sylvanus" was a common name among this Knapp family --"Sylvanus" became a middle name in our Phillips line with Edgar and Almira (Knapp) Phillips's son, Fredrick Sylvanus Phillips; and Robin and Florence (Phillips) Sheedy's son, Robert Sylvanus Sheedy.
  The only record I have found for an Amos Knapp who was born about this time and had connections to Ontario, Canada is the "Jr." of the following family:
 Born 1776, of Augusta, Ontario, Canada
 Died 6 JUN 1853 Bastard, Ontario, Canada
 Spouse: Rachel VAN CAMP, daughter of Jacob VAN CAMP
 Married: 18 JUN 1800 Augusta, Ontario, Canada
 Amorilla KNAPP
 Rachel KNAPP
 Amos KNAPP, Jr.
 William KNAPP
 Winona County, Minnesota kept death registers in the 1880s, but I did not find a record of Amos Knapp's death.
  The following from original record books (on microfilm) for people named Knapp in Winona Co., MN:
  Eunice Knapp
 female, white, married
 d. 26 April 1871, Hart Twp.
 aged 60 yrs, 5 mo., 1 day
 b. Canada West
 d. of liver complication
 farmer's wife
 father: John Whitehead, b. Canada
 mother: Mary, b. Canada
 registered 1 May 1871
  Knapp (no first name given)
 female, white, married
 d. Dec. 1882, Hart Twp.
 aged 35 yrs
 b. New York
 d. of consumption
 (no other information given)
 recorded 3 Jan. 1883
  S. J. Knapp
 male, white, widowed
 d. 31 March 1883, Hart Twp.
 Aged 70 yrs
 b. U.S.
 d. infermity
 parents both b. U.S.
 recorded 31 Dec. 1883
  John Knapp
 d. 23 Jan. 1887
 age 6 mo.
 (no other information given)
  Charles Ruggles "Knopp"
 d. 24 Nov. 1908
 aged 45 yrs, 9 mo., 14 days
 b. New York
 father: Charles A. Knopp, b. U.S.A.
 mother: Mary E. Shepard, b. U.S.A.
 registered 25 Nov,. 1908
 [note: Charles Ruggles Knapp compiled a great deal of genealogical information on the Knapp family--primarily of Connecticut.)
  John B. Knapp (d. 1916), son of "Ames" Knapp, and John B.'s wife, Ann E. Knapp (d. 1917), are recorded--see notes under John B. Knapp. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.