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Marriage: Children:
  1. Boyd Walker Phillips: Birth: 6 AUG 1813 in Manlius, Onondaga County, New York. Death: 8 MAR 1892 in Allegan County, Michigan

  2. Susan P. Phillips: Birth: 8 SEP 1815 in New York. Death: 6 FEB 1816 in New York

  3. Elihu Lyman Phillips: Birth: 26 DEC 1817 in New York. Death: AFT 1889 in of Marshalltown, Marshall County, Iowa

  4. Mary Walker: Birth: 15 JUL 1824 in New York. Death: 22 OCT 1839 in Cass County, Michigan

  5. Edgar E. Phillips: Birth: 26 MAY 1826 in Ridge Road, Parma, Monroe County, New York. Death: 14 SEP 1870 in Marshall County, Iowa

  6. Boughton Gates Phillips: Birth: 8 MAY 1828 in of Porter Twp. Niagara County, New York. Death: BET 1905 AND 1910 in of Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas

a. Continued:   His birthdate is clearly written as 22 Sept. 1789 in his own Bible (probably written by his wife, Tamar -- the Bible in possession of the compiler, NMS), and is confirmed by the death date and age on his grave stone. However, his birthdate is alternatively given as 28 Sept. 1789 by transcriptions said to have been taken from his parents' family bible.
  Ezra Gates Phillips was supposedly at “Manlius Square, N.Y.”--this from an old letter. Other relatives have claimed Ezra Phillips was born at "Lockport, Cayuga Co., New York." While there is a "Locke" in Cayuga Co., it is very doubtful he was born or ever lived there (and the name Locke did not come into use there until after the Erie Canal was built). It is more likely that he was born either back in Halifax, Windham County, Vermont or perhaps shortly after the Phillips moved to up-state New York.
  It is not certain that Ezra G. Phillips' middle name was Gates (his mother's maiden name), but this seems most likley.
  The probate record of Elihu L. Phillips (1800-1884) shows that his nephews included B. W. Phillips, Boughton G. Phillips and Elihu L. Phillips. The family bible and other records show that these three were sons of Ezra G. & Tamar (Walker) Phillips, proving that Ezra G. Phillips and Elihu L. Phillips were brothers.
  Ezra Phillips married Tamar Walker, daughter of Phineas and Tryphena (Hines) Walker, 11 October 1812, probably in Onondaga Co., New York. The date comes from the family bible. The place has been handed down in family notes as Canajoharie (Montgomery Co.) and Manlius (Onondaga Co.)--the latter is probably correct.
  The Walker family was living in Canajoharie by 1790--where Tamar was born--and there were other people named Phillips there as well. Canajoharie is situated in Montgomery Co., along the Hudson River some miles to the south east of Utica in central "up-state" New York. Phineas Walker lived in Oneida Co. in 1800. An old letter states that “Grandfather Phillips had a rooming house or small inn in Utica, NY”, which is the county seat of Oneida Co., NY, east of Syracuse, Onondaga Co. If so, this would mean that the family moved around a bit. (Elijah Phillips, Ezra's father or brother, kept an inn or tavern south of Syracuse at Manlius, Onondaga Co, NY, too, and Ezra’s other brothers and nephews were innkeepers as well.)
  By 1820, the Ezra Phillips family was living in the Town of Parma, Genesee (now Monroe) Co., New York (where they were enumerated in the 1820 U.S. Census), just east of present-day Rochester. Old family notes claim that thier son, Edgar, was born in 1826 at "Ridge Road, Manlius Square." The reference to Manlius Square probably was probably confused with where they family had come from. However, the mention of "Ridge Road" as Edgar's birth place is probably correct: there is a prominent Ridge Road that runs east and west through Parma between Rochester and Lewistown, Niagara Co. Ezra's sister and brother-in-law, Susan and Dr. Johh Washburn also lived in Parma, and are buried at the Parma Corners Cemetery, just a quarter mile off the Ridge Road. His brothers, John Phillips and Elias Phillips, lived in nearby Clarkson, Monroe Co. And Ezra's brother, Lyman, owned a farm and stage station on the Ridge Road, east of Parma, at Gaines, Orleans Co., New York.
  According to their family Bible, Ezra and Tamar Phillips lived in "Lockport, N.Y." Another researcher claimed that Ezra and his family lived at one time in Cayuga Co. (I find no record of them there). Ezra's elder brother, John Phillips, moved to Lockport by about 1823 and operated a tavern there, and later the Ontario house, as well as a ferry across the Niagara River. John was (supposedly) at one-time the Lock Commissioner at Lockport, he served as Sheriff of Niagara Co. in 1827-1831, and owned a farm near Youngstown. Many of his is descendants remained in Niagara Co.
  Landmarks of Niagara County, New York, by William Pool (1897), p. 260, state that the first tavern in the Village of Youngstown, New York (in the 1820s, when there were only about a dozen frame houses in the area) was at the north end of Main Street, and was kept by Phillips and Williams--it has been presumed that this was Ezra's brother, John Phillips. However, since Ezra and his family were enumerated in the Town of Porter (where Youngstown is located) in 1830, while John was enumerated in Lockport in 1830, it is possible that the first tavern-keeper in what became the Village of Youngstown was actually Ezra Phillips, in partnership with a man named Williams.
 Ezra Phillips, of Niagara Co., NY, purchased land from Peter Gansevoort, of Albany, NY, Lot 32, Twp. 15, R. 9, 100 ac. in the Town of Porter, Niagara Co. Consideration: $600. Dated 9 Dec. 1831, recorded 10 Dec. 1831. (Niagara Co., NY, Deed Book 6, p. 317)
  Ezra Phillips and his wife Tamar, of the Town of Porter, Niagara Co., NY, sold land to Seth Johnson, of Fort Niagara, NY. The east-middle part of Lot 32, Twp. 15, R. 9, known as "Maple Grove Farm", 79.5 ac. Consideration: $900. Deed dated and recorded 3 Jan. 1832. (Niagara Co., NY, Deed Book 6, p. 318)
  Ezra Phillips of the Town of Porter, Niagara Co., NY, held a mortgage of $216 against Seth Johnson, of Ft. Niagara, NY, for The east-middle part of Lot 32, Twp. 15, R. 9, 79.5 ac. Mortgage dated 23 Jan. 1832 and recorded 27 Jan. 1832. (Niagara Co., NY, Mortgage Book 3, p. 447)
  Ezra Phillips, of Lockport, Niagara Co., NY, owed a mortgage to Abel Grow of Lockport, NY, for a lot in Lockport on the south side of Chesnut St. and west bounds of Charles St., abt. 80'x140'. Ezra Phillips owed $850 total, paying $400, with $100 due in one year, $100 due in two years, $100 due in three years, and $150 due in four years. Mortgage dated 15 May, 1832, signed 25 March 1835, and recorded 6 July 1835. (Niagara Co., NY, Mortgage Book 8, p. 309)
  Ezra Phillips and his wife Tamar, of the Town of Porter, Niagara Co., NY, sold land to Alfred Hathaway, of Porter, NY. The east-middle part of Lot 32, Twp. 15, R. 9, in the Town of Porter, 10 ac. Consideration: $130. Boyd W. Phillips was a witness. Dated 9 March 1833 and recorded 2 April 1833. (Niagara Co., NY, Deed book 7, p. 549)
  Ezra Phillips and his wife Tamar of Lockport, Niagara Co., NY, sold land to Frederich Allen Spalding of Lockport, NY. A lot on Chesnut St., in Lockport, abt. 80'x140'. Deed dated 13 Aug. 1834 and recorded 28 Dec. 1835. (Niagara Co., NY, Deed Book 15, p. 11)
 A man named Ezra Phillips was enumerated on the 1810 census in Smyrna, Chenango Co., NY: one male 16-25; three females under 10; one female 16-25. (Chenango County is southeast of Onondaga, but not bordering it.) Unless the people in the household were not a nuclear family, it appears that this Ezra was married and had three daughters as of 1810. As “our” Ezra married in 1812 and did not have any known daughters, this was a different man.
 Ezra & Tamar (Walker) Phillips and family were enumerated on the 1820 census in Parma, Genesee (now Monroe) Co., NY (This is just west of Rochester; other relation lived nearby):
 1820 U.S. Census ((Roll 72, p. 116)
 Parma, Genesee (now Monroe) Co., NY
 Ezra Phillips
 two males under 10 [Boyd W. and Elihu L.] one male 16-26 [?? perhaps a younger brother] two males 26-45 [one was Ezra Phillips; the other was ?? perhaps a brother]
 one female 26-45 [Tamar (Walker) Phillips] (three people were engaged in agriculture) There were at least 20 households named Phillips enumerated in Genesee Co., NY in 1820, including John Phillips (Ezra’s brother), Elias Phillips (probably not a brother), and Eli Phillips (unknown who he was):
  1820 U.S. Census (Roll 72, p. 47)
 Clarkson, Genesee (now Monroe) Co., NY
 John Phillips
 two males 0-9 two males 10-15 one male 16-25 one male 26-44 one female 16-25 one female 26-44 (two people engaged in agriculture) 1820 U.S. Census (Roll 72, p. 92
 Leicester, Genesee (now Livingston) Co., NY
 Elias Phillips
 one male 0-9 one male 16-25 one male 45+ four females 0-9 one female 10-15 one female 26-44 (two people engaged in agriculture) 1820 U.S. Census (Roll 72, p. 120)
 Pembroke, Genesee Co., NY
 Eli Phillips
 three males 16-25 two females 0-9 one female 16-25 one female 45+ (two people engaged in agriculture) ***
 1830 U.S. Census (Roll 95, p. 326)
 Porter, Niagara Co., NY
 Ezra Phillips
 2 males 0-5 [Boughton G. and Edgar E.] 1 male 10-15 [Elihu L.] 1 male 15-20 [Boyd W.] 1 male 40-50 [Ezra G. Phillips] 1 male 50-60 [?? perhaps Phineas Walker, who actually would have been older than this]
 1 female 30-40 [Tamar (Walker) Phillips] 1 female 70-80 [?? likely Tryphena "Phena" (Hines) Walker, who was b. 1761]
  There was a different Ezra Phillips enumerated in western New York:
 1830 U.S. Census
 Covington, Genesee Co., NY
 Ezra Phillips
 1 male 60-70 1 female 15-30 2 females 20-30 1 female 50-60 (This other Ezra apparently appears in deed records in Genesse Co., NY, in 1831 and 1840.)
 Ezra G. Phillips, with his wife and four boys, removed to Cass Co., Michigan, about 1835 or early 1836 when it was mostly wilderness as the first settlers arrived about 1830. They probably settled near Whitmanville (now called Lake LaGrange). Ezra G. Phillips died 6 Oct. 1838 and is buried at the LaGrange (also known as the old Whitmanville) Cemetery in LaGrange Twp., located in the southwest 1/4 of the Northeast 1/4 of section 15 of LaGrange Twp. His grave stone was transcribed to read: died Oct 6, 1838, aged 18y 11m 14d. However, the transcription is wrong as he would have been aged 48 years--taking that into account, his birth date would be calculated as 22 Oct. 1789. His birth date in his family Bible is given as 22 Sept. 1789.
  Ezra had a bushy red beard as is recalled from the portrait painting of him which was kept by his grandson, Frank Phillips, but lost in a house fire in Coquille, Oregon, in the early 1900s.
 His widow, Tamar, married second the Rev. William Taylor, widower and Baptist preacher, 1 Sept. 1841 at LaGrange. The couple and minor Phillips children lived at the Taylor farm near Schoolcraft, Kalamazoo Co., MI. Wm. Taylor had no children, and provided for the Phillips children as his own. He was a generous and well-respected man in the community and responsible for no small part of its improvement. Tamar's mother, Tryphena "Phena" (Hines) Walker also went to Michigan (probably after her husband's death in 1838), and is buried in the Taylor plot at Schoolcraft, Kalamazoo Co., Michigan.
  I did not find Tamar (Walker) Phillips as a head of household in the 1840 census. She is probably the woman, aged 40-50, in the household of her son, Boyd W. Phillips, in Whitmanville, LaGrange Twp., Cass Co., MI (1840 US Census, Roll 204, p. 217).
  Tamar (Walker) Phillips married William Taylor in 1841. For some reason, she was not listed in his household in the 1850 Census (Roll M432_353, p. 98-99, image 193-194):
 Schoolcraft, Kalamazoo Co., MI (enumerated 21 Aug. 1850)
 William Taylor, 65, m, b. Mass.
 James W. Taylor, 59, m, b. NY Boughton G. Phillips, 22, Farmer, b. NY In the next household:
 Edgar E. Phillips, 24, m, b. NY
 Amira, 20, m (sic!), b. C.W. [Canada West] Flora, 1 f, b. Mich. Maria Taylor, 17, f, b. NY It is very curious, but have not found Tamar (Walker) Phillips Taylor anywere in the 1850 U.S. Census (searching various spellings, and looking in Michigan and New York.)
  In 1860, "Tamor W. Taylor", age 68, b. NY, was living with her son, Edgar Phillips, and his family in Schoolcraft Twp., Kalamazoo, MI (1860 U.S. Census, Series: M653 Roll: 548 Page: 90).
  in 1870, "Tamer W. Taylor", age 78, b. NY, was living in the household of her son, Boughton Phillips, in Washington Twp., Marshall Co., Iowa. It notes that she was "Living with Daughter", but the enumerator must have mixed up who's mother she was. (1870 U.S. Census, Series: M593 Roll: 410 Page: 544)
 The Phillips Family Bible:
 In 2003, I (Nick Sheedy) came into possession of the family Bible, printed in 1824, originally owned by Ezra Gates Phillips (son of Elijah and Susanah (Gates) Phillips) and his wife Tamar (daughter of Phineas and Tryphena (Hinds) Walker), who were married in 1812. They lived at Lockport, Niagara Co., New York, until about 1835 or 1836 when they removed to LaGrange Twp., Cass Co., Michigan. Ezra G. Phillips died in 1838, and Tamar remarried the Reverend William Taylor in 1841, afterward residing mainly in Schoolcraft Twp., Kalamazoo Co., Michigan. Tamar (Walker) Phillips Taylor died in 1877 at Saugatuck, Allegan Co., Michigan. Many dates and names have been corroborated and verified by other sources, and all information from the Bible's family registry has been transcribed into this family database. I have found no errors.
 The Bible is now in the possession of Nick Sheedy, son of David Carl Sheedy, son of Carl Phillips Sheedy, son of Florence Winona (Phillips) Sheedy, daughter of Frederick Sylvanus Phillips, son of Edgar E. Phillips, who was the son of Ezra G. and Tamar (Walker) Phillips.
  Among the ephemera accompanying the Bible are the following descriptions of its provenance:
 “The history of this Bible as written by my father, E. O. Phillips, written on masking paper covering Bible—written with pencil—and I am copying same in ink so what he said will be preserved longer. June 11, 1947. –H. D. M. Phillips.”
 “History … This Bible was originally the property of my Grandfather and Grandmother—Ezra and Tamar Phillips. After Grandmother died, it was taken by my sister, Tamar W. Phillips Moore, of Allegan [Michigan]. After her death, her daughter, Winnie, gave it to me, as the last living member of my father’s family. Please be carefull of it. Sept. 10, 1923. signed, Ezra O. Phillips”
  On the back of the same paper is written:
 “Mar. 9, 1948—at 1502 Decatur St. N. W., Washington, D.C. “After the death of Dr. H. B. Keene Phillips at Schoolcraft, Michigan, June 18, 1946, his brother and my cousin, Mr. Horace D. Moore Phillips sent this Phillips family Bible to be taken care of by me—Pearl Moore Gray, daughter of Tamar Walker Phillips Moore (Mrs. Horace D. Moore of Allegan, Mich.) and after my death by my daughter, Muriel Eleanor Gray, having been in my mother’s care until after her death Feb. 25, 1921. When it was given to her brother, and my Uncle, Ezra O. Phillips of 1117 Jefferson Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich.
 “Signed by Pearl Moore Gray (in Sacred trust.) and my daughter, Muriel Eleanor Gray”
  On a separate sheet of paper:
 “Jan 8, 1958 at 1117 Jefferson Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. “I have just looked through the Phillips Bible and it probably will not be long before the good Lord calls me. I am sending this Bible to Mrs. Pearl Moore Gray—1502 Decatur St., Washington, D.C. She will give it to the one she thinks ought to have it after she gets through. –H. D. M. Phillips.”
  This Bible then found its way to another Phillips descendant: Mrs. Pearl (Moore) Gray’s niece, Mrs. Dorothy Helen (Tremble) Whitley of Port Washington, on Long Island, New York. Mrs. Whitley (1907-2003) was the daughter of Sydney B. and Pansy D. (Moore) Tremble. Tracing the family back: Pansy (b. 1877) was the daughter of Horace D. and Tamar W. (Phillips) Moore; Tamar (b. 1842) was the daughter of Boyd W. and Harriet Ann (Barton) Phillips; and Boyd (b. 1813) was the son of Ezra G. and Tamar (Walker) Phillips of who originally owned the Bible.
 Mrs. Dorothy Whitley died in the spring of 2003. She evidently did not have any children and did not know of any other living relatives. She left her home and its contents to Saint Stephens Episcopal Church (9 Carlton Ave., Port Washington, NY 11050). While church members were disposing of the home’s contents, Jennifer Wilson-Pines (7 Cottonwood Rd., Port Washington, NY 11050) noticed the Bible, made inquiry, and located me (Nick Sheedy, a great-great-great-great-grandson of Ezra and Tamar Phillips). I received the Bible in March 2003. Unfortunately, according to Mrs. Wilson-Pines, a whole room full of genealogical data was thrown away.--NMS is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.