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  2. Robert Franklin Hoke: Birth: 4 JUN 1942 in Cosham, Portsmouth, Hants., England.. Death: 4 JUL 1951 in Royal Hospital, Portsmouth, Hants., England.

  3. Adrian John Hoke: Birth: 17 NOV 1950 in 11 Birdlip Rd., Paulsgrove, Portsmouth, Hants., England.. Death: 26 APR 2020 in Sault St. Marie Hospital, Ontario, Canada

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1. Title:   Marriage Index
2. Title:   Marriage Index
Page:   GRO Ref Gosport vol 6B page 595

a. Note:   orn 30 May 1915 at 20 Rosetta Rd., Milton, Portsmouth, Hants., England.
 From Portsmouth Directory, the resident of 20 Rossetta St., Milton in 1915 was a Mrs. M. Moore - possibly the Aunt May that Dad recalled.
 Father believed that he was actually born in S. Ontario near Woodstock or St. Catherines, and the British Birth Registration was done by one of his mothers relatives in England to ensure his having dual-citizenship as his father was an American Citizen.
 The concept of 'Dual Citizenship' is confusing, as if born in Canada, he would automatically have been a British subject at that time, and it seemed highly improbable that Grandmother would have taken a trip to the England in late 1914 to early 1915 with WW1 ongoing.
 That is, until discovery of Passenger Records that appear to confirm that he was in fact born in Portsmouth.
  Per ( :
 Search of 1915 BOT Outbound Passenger Records England to Canada; British Board of Trade Ref: BT27_086300000593P0006F
 Archives of Canada - Passenger Arrivals Manifests; CDN Library and Archives Canada Reference: RG 76 Microfilm:T-4815.
 HOKE, E. L., Born:1879, Sex:F, Dep:29 October 1915, Port:Liverpool, Dest: Canada, Quebec, Ship: Missanabie.
 HOKE, Arthur J., Born:1915, Sex:M, Dep:29 October 1915, Port:Liverpool, Dest: Canada, Quebec, Ship: Missanabie.
 At 4 months of age, it is highly unlikely that he was born anywere in N. America.
  England Incoming Passenger Lists 1878-1960.
 Name: Arthur Hoke
 Birth: abt 1915
 Departure: Montréal, Québec, Canada
 Arrival: 4 Nov 1922 in Southampton, England
 Age: 7
  Verbal Memories of Father.
 As a Teenager, he developed a passion for Cycle Racing, and supported this by working for Halfields, a local Bicycle Shop in Copnor.
 While employed there he gained a reputation for building Racing Wheels, and eventually Racing Frames.
 He was a member of Portsmouth North-Enders and Southampton Wheelers Cycling Clubs, racing on both the Track and Road.
 While his preference was the Track - in which he participated until 1950 and won several medals; his forte appears to have been on the Road in 25 and 50 mile Time Trials.
 His best time for a 25 mile Time Trial was 57min 54sec, and that for a 50 mile Time Trial was 1hr 52min 59sec. Still very good times even by todays standards.
  He initially began to serve an Apprenticeship as a Motor Mechanic in 1935, and added a second interest in two-wheeled racing sport, with the purchase of his first Motor Cycle.
 He dabbled in Trials, Grass Track, and Road Racing for several years until his Marriage in 1939. It was during this period that he had his left eye punctured by glass during a spill from a motor cycle.
  In 1937 he left the Garage to join the Airspeeds Aircraft Co. as an Airframe Mechanic, and later as an Airframe Fitter & Turner.
 At the outbreak of War in 1939 he volunteered to join the RAF, but was found unfit for service due to his eyesight (above), and was seconded to "Essential Service" status, and remained at Airspeeds to work on Aircraft Production.
  1940-1945. Worked part-time at Halfields Cycle Shop, Copnor. During this period he built a Tricycle and later a Tandem for his sons from cut-down bicycle parts.
  In 1961 the Airspeeds company was taken over by the DeHavillands Aircraft Co., who in re-structuring the company, transferred him to their Toolroom. During the next 20 years he saw the beginnings of the jet-age, and participated in the manufacture of the DH110, Venom, and Comet. He was officially retired in 1961, at the age of 46, and was presented with a Gold Watch in recognition of 20 years service. He was re-hired by DeHavillands Toolroom after this, and continued there until his re-marriage in 1970, and subsequent emmigration to Australia.
  Father & Mother parted company in mid 1962, and were divorced in 1965. Though the division of loyalty between the two was painful at the time, this was probably inevitable as they had not got along well for some years, and were both equally to blame for this.
  Father remarried to Edith Swift in 1968, and they lived at 30 Neville Ave., Portchester, until deciding to move to Australia in 1970. Father as an Emmigrant, Edith as a returning Citizen. Edith was formerly married to Cyril Keefe, who was an old friend of Dads from cycle racing days. I can vaguely remember our family visiting them at their home in Wymering during the Summer before the Keefe family emmigrated to Australia.
 Cyril and Edith had Sons Roy, John, Ray, and a daughter Catherine who I believe was born in Australia.
 Edith had returned with Catherine to the England to visit relatives, had looked the Hokes up in the Telephone Book, found Father living alone, and they got together from there.
 Catherine was married to a Todd Colquhoun around 1980, after their return to Australia.
  In 1983, Dad and his 2nd wife Edith came to visit his Sons in the England and Canada one last time.
 While here in Canada, we had several conversations regarding our family ancestry. He was surprised by my belief that we were probably of Pennsylvania Dutch descent, as he had always believed that we were of aboriginal descent. He remembered words like Mohawk, Onondaga, Herkimer, Erie and Cheektowaga, from half remembered conversations he had overheard as a boy, which he believed were the names of Indian Tribes. He was nonplused when told that these were also place names in NY State.
 Based on his 1915 birthdate and his Mothers return to Britain in October 1922, he was a boy of 6-7 years of age on leaving Canada, yet he appeared to remember many sights in 1983 that triggered memories. He readily named the Buildings when we visited Woodstock Hospital, and recalled his "Taboggan Slope", and the Fence Posts he had painted. While visiting the Gardens at Eaton House in Toronto, he recalled a Well, and on investiging the area he indicated we found it to have been capped-off with a circular concrete slab within a mass of bushes. He also recalled and named Fort York, the moment we drove into the entrance Park with its line of old Cannons.
  Date of Death: 14 October 1984, at Last Address: 1 Hanaan Street, Elizabeth South, SA 5112, Australia.
 Father died of heart failure while sitting under his shade tree in the backyard of his home at 1 Hanaan St., Elizabeth South, near Adelaide, Australia.
 He had apparently kept his failing heart condition secret from all but his wife.
 He was buried on October 16, 1984 at Site 229, General Lawn C, Spains Rd. Cemetary, Salisbury, SA 5108.
 Burial data per Kathie Anderson, City of Salisbury, PO Box 8, Salisbury, SA 5108. <[email protected]>
 Copy of Death Certificate from: The Registrar, Births, Deaths & Marriages, Box 1351 G.P.O., Adelaide 5001, Australia.
  Email from: [email protected] 11-Dec-97 to [email protected]
 Your Father is located at: Site 229 General Lawn C - Spains Road Cemetery SALISBURY
 Date of Death: 14/10/84
 Date of Burial: 16/10/84
 Lease Date 16/10/84 expires 15/10/2034.
 The lease may be renewed in the 49th year for a further term.
 There is NO Headstone. To have a stone placed arrangements would need to be made by you with a monumental mason.
 Copy of a Death Certificate is available from: The Registrar, Births, Deaths & Marriages, Box 1351 G.P.O., ADELAIDE 5001.
 The cost is $27.00 Australian which is to be accompanied with a letter stating your fathers details, reason for request & your relationship eg. son.
 Hope this helps you. Regards Kathie Anderson - Revenue Fiance Clerk - City of Salisbury - PO Box 8 - SALISBURY SA 5108
Note:   Date and Place of Birth: British Birth Certificate states that he was b
b. Note:   <b>Births Jun 1915 </b>Hoke, Arthur J. Mother:Adams
 <u>Portsmouth</u> vol. 2b<u> page 774</u>
c. Note:   <b>Marriages Sep 1939 </b>Hoke, Arthur J. to Tallack, Gracia O.M.
 <u>Portsmouth</u> vol. 2b page <u>2267</u>
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