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Marriage: Children:
  1. Isaac A. Huddleston: Birth: 14 May 1804 in Rutherford County, NC. Death: 29 May 1876 in Putnam Co., Tenn.

  2. William W. Huddleston: Birth: 1807 in Rutherford County, NC. Death: 1855 in Putnam Co., Tenn.

  3. John L. Huddleston: Birth: CAL 1810 in Rutherford County, NC.

  4. Charles Byram Huddleston: Birth: ABT 1814 in Jackson Co., Tenn.. Death: 23 Nov 1845 in Putnam Co., Tenn.

  5. David F. Huddleston: Birth: ABT 1819 in Jackson Co., Tenn.. Death: 1897

  6. Elizabeth E. Huddleston: Birth: CAL 1823 in Jackson Co., Tenn.. Death: 1924 in Missouri

  7. Jordan Fleming Huddleston: Birth: 2 May 1825 in Jackson Co., Tenn.. Death: 30 Mar 1918 in Putnam Co., Tenn.

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1. Title:   Ensor Internet Webpage 10/4/00
Author:   Betty Ensor Thomas
2. Title:   Huddleston Family Notes from Hugh Denny,
Author:   Hugh Wayne Denny
Publication:   Atlanta, GA, 8/10/00.
Text:   Hugh Denny is a descendent of Isaac A. Huddleston and third wife, Elizabeth Jared "Betsy" Kerr (pronounced Carr).

a. Note:   n Rutherford County, NC, and died 25 Aug 1875 in Putnam County, TN. He married 05 Aug 1803, in Rutherford County, NC, MARTHA ELIZABETH LOLLAR (daughter of Isaac Lollar, Jr. and Martha Lollar). Martha's birthdate is unknown, she died about 1860 in Putnam County, TN.
  The three brothers Charles, Dave, and John Huddleston left Rutherford, NC around 1811. Charles Huddleston settled one mile east of Salem church in what is now Putnam County, TN. Charles' place was later known as the Jordon Huddleston place and was later owned by the three Huddleston great-grandsons: Beverage, Coey, and Beecher Cummings .
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