Robert Edward (Bear) /Alvis/
B: 16 AUG 1927
P: Steubenville OH
D: 17 November 1985
P: Steubenville, Jefferson, Ohio, United States

 Alexis William (Leck) /Alvis/
B: 28 Aug 1898
P: Asbury, Greenbrier, West Virginia
M: 1 May 1918
P: Nicholas, West Virginia, United States
D: 30 Sep 1951
P: Steubenville, Ohio

 Helen Viola /FLETCHER/
B: 28 November 1898
P: Nicholas Co., WV
D: 8 October 1983
P: Steubenville, Jefferson, Ohio

 Clowney Lewis /Alvis/
B: 20 Sep 1860
P: Ashbury, West Virginia
M: 16 Jan 1895
P: Clintonville, West Virginia
D: 07 Nov 1926
P: Richwood,Nicholas Co.,WV

 Amanda Jane (Mandy) /Loudermilk/
B: 17 Feb 1872
P: Lewisburg, Greenbrier, West Virginia

 Henry /Fletcher/
B: Mar 1862
P: Kentucky
M: 30 Dec 1885
P: Greenbrier, West Virginia, United States
D: 1902
P: Virginia, USA

 Nancy Ann "Nannie" /Rigsby Hinkle/
B: 23 April 1868
P: Iowa
D: 26 November 1959
P: Richwood, Nicholas Co., WV

 William Alexis /Alvis/
B: ABT 1836
P: Augusta Co VA
M: 14 Oct 1858
P: Greenbrier County, West Virginia
D: BEF 1871
P: Greenbrier Co WV
 Willie Ann /King/
B: July 1835
P: Nash Co., North Carolina
D: 26 March 1903
P: Hughart, Greenbrier Co., WV
 James William /Loudermilk/
B: 6 May 1843
P: Meadow, Greenbrier, West Virginia, United ...
M: 1869
P: Greenbrier, West Virginia, United States
D: 24 Jul 1919
P: ,Greenbrier,West Virginia,USA
 Sarah Jane /Clingman/
B: 31 Mar 1846
P: Greenbrier, West Virginia, USA
D: 1 Dec 1937
P: Clintonville, Greenbrier County, West Virg...
 Reubin /Fletcher/
P: Kentucky
 Martha Susan Peerless (Patsy) /Puckett Fletcher/
B: 25 April 1825
P: Floyd County, Kentucky, USA
D: 15 May 1892
P: Morgan County, Kentucky, USA
 Thomas /Rigsby/
B: 25 Dec 1822
P: Wilkes County, NC
D: 8 April 1911
P: Nicholas County, West Virginia, USA
 Mary Jane /Spence/
B: 13 February 1846
P: Tazewell County, VA
D: 10 May 1940
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