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Note:   Pedro Emilio Holguín-Veras (Papapí) was the eldest of the four children of Don Pedro Maria Espaillat Reyes and Doña Natividad Holguín (who were never married due to Pedro Maria Espaillat Reyes already being married to America Franco Bidi). Their children were declared as natural children (i.e. - out of wedlock). After Papapí made a name for himself as a public servent, lawyer, journalist, politician and intellectual, his father wanted to recognize him and to give him his last name. Apparently, he decided only to recognize Pedro Emilio, and not his other siblings. It was then when Papapí (and his sisters) decided to use the Holguín-Veras last name and to abandon the paternal last name of Espaillat. The origin of the name Veras does not come from family ancestry. One story says that it comes from a nickname for Pedro Emilio, "Veritas", in reference to a guerrilla band operating in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Another story says that for a time Pedro Emilio signed his stories in the press with a pseudonym that was " Pedro el Verás " and that that is where Veras comes from. Be as it may, the name certainly originated with Pedro Maria and since then has been used in the identification of his descendants. Siblings: Pedro María, Ulises Franco Francisco, Agustin Homobono, Leopoldo (Polin), Graciela, Georgina, Antonia María, Rafael Américo, Rosa de la Cruz (Minina) and Dolores
  Wife: Georgina (Nina, Mamanina) Holguin-Veras (nacida Roulet De La Cruz)
  Children: Luz, Humberto María, Celeste Antonia, Marino Oscar, Fe Georgina, Romeo, Dalia Mercedes, Pedro, Pascual Roberto, Rosa Argentina, Patria, Ruben Antonio, Rafael Eduardo, Miguel Angel, Nelly Estela Altagracia, Pablo Arturo and Dora
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