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  1. Bernard: Birth: ABT 0797 in Vermandois, Neustria, Frankish Empire. Death: 17 APR 0818 in Milan, Lombard Kingdom, Frankish Empire

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Note:   Pépin Carloman, rex Italiae -épin-Carloman-King-of-Italy/6000000003962328571
  Son of Charlemagne and Hildegard of Vinzgouw
 Partner of Mistress/es of Pepin
 Father of Princess Adelais, of Italy and Lombardia; Gundrada; Bernard, King of Lombardy; Adula; Theodrate d'Italie; and Bertraide / Berthais
 Brother of Charles 'the Younger', King of the Franks; Adalhaid; Rotrude; Lothair; Louis I, The Pious; Berta; Gisela and Hildegarde
 Half brother of Amaudra; Pippin the Hunchback; Adeltrude; Ruodhaid, Abbess of Faremoutiers; Theodrada, Abbess of Argenteuil; Hiltrude; Alpaida; Drogo, Bishop of Metz; Hugo, Archchancellor of the Empire; Richbod and Theodoric

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