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  1. Urraca I : Birth: 1080 in Spain. Death: 8 MAR 1126 in Saldaña, Palencia, Castille and Leon, Spain

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Note:   Alfonso VI the Brave, King of Castile and León (ón/6000000000665380375?through=6000000010656307831)
  Son of Ferdinand I the Great, King of Castile and Sancha I, reina de León
 Husband of Constance de Bourgogne, Queen consort of Castile and Leon; Bertha; Isabel; Dª. Zaida (Isabella), reina consorte de León and Beatrix de Aquitania, Reina consorte de León
 Ex-husband of Inés de Aquitania
 Fiancé of Agathe de Normandie, Princess of England
 Partner of Jimena Muñoz
 Father of N.N. Alfonso de Léon; Elvira Alfonso, condesa de Tolosa; Teresa de Leão, condessa de Portugal; Urraca I, reina de Castilla y León; Villana de Castille; Elvira Alfónsez, infanta de Castilla y León; Sancha Alfónsez, Infanta de Castilla y León and Sancho Alfónsez, Infante de Castilla y León Brother of Urraca de León, reina titular de Zamora; Sancho II el Fuerte, rey de Castilla; Elvira, reina titular de Toro; García I, rey de Galicia and Tigridia, Infanta de Castilla y León
  Alfonso VI (before June 1040 – June 29/July 1, 1109), nicknamed the Brave, was King of León from 1065 to 1109 and King of Castile from 1072 following his brother's death. As he was the first Alfonso to be King of Castile, he is sometimes referred to as Alfonso I of Castile. In 1077, he proclaimed himself "Emperor of All Hispania". Much romance has gathered around his name.
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