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  1. Ramiro II : Birth: ABT 0897 in Leon. Death: 1 JAN 0951 in Leon

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Note:   Ordoño II, rey de León (ño-II-rey-de-León/6000000000033235630?through=6000000000033381061)
  Son of Alfonso III el Magno, rey de Asturias and Jimena Garcés de Pamplona, reina consorte de Asturias
 Husband of Elvira Menéndez, reina consorte de León
 Ex-husband of Aragonta González, reina consorte de León and Sancha Sánchez de Navarra, reina consorte de León
 Father of Sancho I Ordóñez, rey titular de Galicia; Alfonso IV el Monje, rey de León; Ramiro II el Grande, rey de León; Jimena de León; García de León; Aurea de León and Alvaro Ordóñez, conde, ayo y mayordomo mayor
 Brother of García I, rey de Asturias y León; Fruela II León, Rey de Asturias, León y Galicia; N.N. Rey Alfonso III Asturias; Bermudo Ordóñez; Gonzalo de León, obispo de Oviedo; and Ramiro, infante de León
 Ordoño II (c. 873–924, León) was king of Galicia from 910 and king of Galicia and León from 914 until his death. He was the second son of the King Alfonso III the Great and his wife, Jimena of Navarre.
  ancestor of Peter (Latin: Petrus, Spanish: Pedro; died 730) was the Duke of Cantabria
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