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  1. Gatón del Bierzo: Birth: ABT 0800 in Galicia. Death: ABT 0878 in Leon

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Note:   Ramiro I, rey de Asturias
  Son of Vermudo I el Diácono, rey de Asturias and Ozenda de Navarra, reina consorte de Asturias
 Husband of Controde de León and Urraca de Castilla, reina consorte de Asturias
 Father of Gatón (Afaton) del Bierzo, conde de Astorga y del Bierzo; Ordoño I das Astúrias, rey de Asturias; García; Ildonicia and Aldonza
 Brother of Cristina and García
  Ramiro I (c.790–850) became King of Asturias in 842 and reigned until his death. Son of Bermudo I, he succeeded Alfonso II.
 First, he had to deal with the usurper Nepocian, defeating him at the Battle of the Bridge of Cornellana, by the river Narcea. Ramiro then removed the system of election which allowed his family to be displaced by a faction of nobles. During his turbulent reign, the chronicles relate that he had to fend off attacks from both the Moors and the Vikings. Supposedly, he defeated the former in the legendary Battle of Clavijo. At this battle, Saint James the Greater, the Moor-Slayer, appeared above a white horse, giving rise to his cult in Spain. In 846, the Christian population of León fled before a Moorish attack, and it was not reoccupied until 856, under Ordono I.
 The art and architecture of his reign forms the Ramirense phase of Asturian art. His court was the centre of great splendour, of which the palace and church of Santa María del Naranco and San Miguel de Lillo are testimony.
 Ramiro died at Liño and was succeeded by his son, the aforementioned Ordoño.
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