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Marriage: Children:
  1. Diego Rodríguez: Birth: ABT 0764. Death: in Castille, Spain

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Note:   Rodrigo I, conde de Castilla
  Rodrigo II Ramírez, conde de Castilla
  b. after 832, d. 4 October 876
 Father Ramiro Iº Bermúdez, rey de Asturias1 b. 791, d. 1 February 850
 Mother Urraca Paterna Díaz de Castilla1 b. circa 790
 Also called Count of Castile Rodrigo Ramirez de Castilla.2 Rodrigo II Ramírez, conde de Castilla was born after 832. He was the son of Ramiro Iº Bermúdez, rey de Asturias and Urraca Paterna Díaz de Castilla.1 Count of Castile at Kingdom of Asturias-Leon before 873.3 Rodrigo II Ramírez, conde de Castilla died on 4 October 876. Family
 Diego II Rodríguez "Porcelos", conde de Castilla+ b. c 852, d. 885
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