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  1. Godinho das Astúrias: Birth: ABT 0913 in Leon.

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Note:   Ramiro II el Grande, rey de León
  Husband of Ortiga de los Omeyas; Ortiga ibn de Gaya and Urraca de Navarra, reina consorte de León
 Ex-husband of Adosinda Gutiérrez, reina consorte de León
 Father of Lovesendo Ramírez de Amaya; D. Godinho das Astúrias, Conde de Asturias; Ortiga Ramirez; Audonio de León, infante; Ordoño III, rey de León; Teresa Ramirez; Vermudo; Elvira Ramírez, regente de León and Sancho I el Craso, rey de León « less Brother of Sancho I Ordóñez, rey titular de Galicia; Alfonso IV el Monje, rey de León; Jimena de León; García de León; Aurea de León; and Alvaro Ordóñez, conde, ayo y mayordomo mayor
  Ramiro II (c. 900–951), son of Ordoño II, was King of León from 931 until his death. Initially titular king only of a lesser part of Asturias, he gained the crown of León (and with it, Galicia) after his brother Alfonso IV abdicated in 931. Ramiro was the creator of a Navarrese, Leonine and Aragonese coalition that defeated the Muslims in the Battle of Simancas (939). This victory allowed the advance of the Leonine border of the Duero to the Tormes.
 In the last years of his reign he could not avoid Castilian independence under the direction of Count Fernán González, but still in 950 he launched an expedition to the valley of the Edge and defeated the Muslims at Talavera.
 He married twice, first to Adosinda Gutierrez, daughter of Gutier Osoriz and Ildonzia Menendez and niece of Ramiro's mother, and by her had sons Bermudo and Ordoño III, and presumably daughter Teresa, wife of García Sánchez I of Pamplona. He subsequently married Urraca, sister of García, having Sancho I and Elvira.
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