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  1. Ortiga ibn de Gaya: Birth: 0980 in Spain. Death: in Asturias, Spain

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Note:   Zaham Zada, señor de Gaya
 (descendiente de Abdul Yazid Al-Wallid UMAYYADE)
  Zaham Zada, señor de Gaya (born in the year 950), was connected to parents:
 Abdul Yazid Al Wallid (born 670) al-Walid I bin 'Abd al-Malik bin Marwân I
 Egilom Umm Hashim Balthes (born 680) Egilona Umm 'Assim
 With these birth dates, the connection is impossible (unless we had embrio freezing at that time).
 After waiting 3 weeks for better explanation, I broke the link.
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