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  Son of Juan Campuzano Polanco and Beatriz Sánchez Sanchez Filpo
 Husband of Maria Santana Sanchez
 Father of Gral. Tomas Polanco Santana; Gral. Francisco Javier Polanco Santana and Manuel Polanco Santana
 Brother of Mariana Polanco Sanchez; Dr. Pbr. Pedro Polanco; Antonio Polanco, Prior Provincial Mercedarian Order and Luis Polanco
  Presided over the Assembly of Bondillo, near Santo Domingo, on 12 December 1822 that designated Juan Sánchez Ramírez Governor and Captain General of the colony.
  Lt. Col Diego Polanco was the military captain for Santiago and El Cibao in the Battle of Palo Hincado in the Reconquest of Santo Domingo away from France in 1808.
 He was president of the Assembly of Bondillo which advocated and brought back Santo Domingo as a colony of Spain in 1808.
 Source- Biografia de Diego Polanco y Sanchez en 'Campillo Pérez, Dr. Julio G (1983). La constitucionalidad en Santo Domingo: período 1492-1844". . Publicaciones ONAP. pp. 61–63' (attached in the media section)
 He inherited lands and hatos from his father in La Vega (La Torre, La Penda, Romero), Montecristi (Villa Lobos), Mao (Villa Diego and Jinamagao) and Dajabon. (Testamento de Juan de Polanco 1780 (attached in media section)
 At the end of the XVIII, he acquired tobacco lands in Buenavista and Gurabo in north of the province of Santiago where his sons Tomas and Francisco Javier Polanco Santana, both Generals of the War of Restoration against Spain, settled and left their descendants. (Source- "Documentos para la Historia de Gurabo")
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