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Marriage: Children:
  1. Mariana Polanco Sánchez: Birth: ABT 1750 in Spanish Colony of Santo Domingo. Death: in Spanish Colony of Santo Domingo

  2. Diego Polanco Sánchez: Birth: ABT 1770 in Santiago, Spanish Colony of Santo Domingo. Death: ABT 1840 in Monte Cristi, Spanish Colony of Santo Domingo

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Note:   Juan Campuzano Polanco was an hatero and landowner in Santiago de los Caballeros and the north west region of the island involved in livestock exports and tobacco haciendas.[37] He married Beatriz Sanchez Firpo, daughter of Captain corsair Domingo Moreno Sanchez from Santa Cruz de Tenerife[38] and had at least 5 children: fray Antonio, who was Prior Provincial of the Mercedarian Order;[39][40][41] Luis, Mariana, Dr. Pbr. Pedro,[42] and Diego.[43] His youngest son Col. Lt. Diego Polanco (1770-c.1840) was the military commander for the Cibao region of Santo Domingo in the Battle of Palo Hincado in 1808 as well as the president of the Assembly of Bondillo which returned Santo Domingo to Spain from France.
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