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Note:   Doctor.
  Dr. José de Jesús Jiménez was one of the first and most distinguised botanists of the country, 2nd only to his mentor Dr. Rafael Moscoso Puello. He was also amongst the top clinicians in his country.
  He was a founder of the Medical Association of Santiago in 1941 of which he was president in 1944, founder of the Dominican Society of Botany in 1973 and founder of the Academy of Sciences of the Dominican Republic in 1974.
  He was named “Hijo Distinguido de Santiago” in 1974, Doctor Honoris Causa "of the Pontifical Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra in 1970, received the "National Science Award" in 1980 and was awarded with the order ‘‘Duarte, Sánchez y Mella’’. Among his works are:
  "Plantas nuevas para la ciencia, nuevas para la Hispaniola y nuevas para la República Dominicana" (1952), "A new catalogue of the Dominican Flora" (1959) and "Suplemento al catalogous Florae Domingensis del Prof. Rafael M. Moscoso" (1968) He was also national chess champion in 1940 and a big supporter of the game.
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