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Marriage: Children:
  1. Martha Jane Holder: Birth: 11 Feb 1841 in Claiborn Parish, Louisiana. Death: 9 Dec 1913 in Dike, Hopkins, Texas

  2. John C. Holder: Birth: Jul 1843 in Louisiana. Death: BEF 1920

  3. Jackson Nathaniel Holder: Birth: 27 Mar 1845 in Louisiana. Death: 2 Aug 1917 in Lamar County, Texas

  4. Joshua A Holder: Birth: 29 Aug 1847 in Louisiana. Death: 25 Aug 1930 in Jeter Township, Choctaw County, Oklahoma

  5. William A. Holder: Birth: 1849 in Bienville Parish, Louisiana.

  6. Pryor Holder: Birth: 1851 in Arkansas.

  7. Mary Elizabeth Holder: Birth: Dec 1852 in Louisiana. Death: BEF 1920

  8. Henrietta Holder: Birth: 1856 in Texas. Death: probably before 1870

  9. Ellen S. Holder: Birth: 6 Sep 1858 in White Oak, Hopkins County, Texas. Death: 9 Dec 1928

1. Title:   Union County Arkansas Archives

a. Note:   lle, Louisiana; Roll: M432_230; Page: 280; Image: 73.
  Jemima Lemons 59 F Kentucky Value of real estate: $700
 Joshua Lemons 26 M Arkansas Laborer
 Sabrinah Lemons 22 F Louisiana Over 20 and cannot read or write
 Eveline Lemons 6 F Louisiana
 Levi Holder 44 M Kentucky None (occupation)
 Elizabeth E. Holder 31 F Arkansas Over 20 and cannot read or write
 Martha J. Holder 8 F Louisiana
 John C. Holder 7 M Louisiana
 Nathaniel 5 M Louisiana
 Joshua 4 M Louisiana
 William A. 1 M Louisiana
  Sister Tabitha and family in household immediately following.
  1860 Beat 1, Hopkins, TX (Roll: M653_1297; pg. 137)
 June 13, 1860, White Oak Post Office
  Holder Levi 52 M Tennessee Day Laborer Personal property, $130
 Emily 42 F Arkansas John 15 M Louisiana Nathaniel 14 M Louisiana Joshua 13 M Louisiana William 11 M Louisiana Prior 9 M Arkansas Mary 7 F Louisiana Henrietta 4 F Texas Ellen 9/12 F Texas Emily Elizabeth Leamons
 by Michael Wayne Leamons
  As noted in the narrative on her father's page, Elizabeth Emily and her husband, Levi Holder, sometime between the birth of their daughters Mary (1852) and Henrietta (1856) returned to the land of Elizabeth Emily's youth, the area that had been part of "Old Miller County", Arkansas. The Holder's oldest daughter, Martha Jane, married Elliot B. Burkham, the son of Charles Burkham, one of the original settlers of "Old Miller County". Perhaps old family ties drew the Holders to Hopkins County, Texas. Other of the Holder children and granchildren married into families with names which were listed on the 1821 and 1825 petitions coming out of "Old Miller County": Nall, Ward, Crutchfield, Henson and Ballard.
  The Levi and Elizabeth Emily Holder household was broken up prior to the 1870 census. Mary and Ellen were staying with different siblings in Hopkins County, Texas. Priar, age 18, was working as a farmer and living with the Chandler family. It would appear Elizabeth Emily died prior to 1870. Some have speculated Levi was also dead, but a record has been found of a Levi Holder marrying Setha Ann Harrell on January 29, 1874 in Hopkins County. It's possible Levi was living in the Indian Territory in 1870, as there weren't any census records for the Territory in that year.
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