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Marriage: Children:
  1. Mary Leamons: Birth: 1805 in Illinois, Ohio Territory. Death: Winter 1896 in Bienville Parish, Louisiana

  2. John Leamons: Birth: 18 May 1811 in (northern) Missouri Territory. Death: 2 Feb 1892 in Prob. Miller County, Arkansas

  3. Isaac Leamons: Birth: 9 Apr 1813 in (northern) Missouri Territory. Death: 6 Mar 1869 in Probably Bienville Parish, Louisiana

  4. Tabbitha Leamons: Birth: 22 Feb 1815 in (southern) Missouri Territory, became Arkansas Terr.. Death: 23 Mar 1870 in Louisiana

  5. Emily Elizabeth Leamons: Birth: 1818 in Arkansas Territory (probably near Boggy Depot). Death: BEF 1870 in Probably Hopkins County, Texas

  6. Joshua Joseph Leamons: Birth: 8 May 1820 in Boggy Depot, Arkansas Territory. Death: 14 Dec 1911 in Clark County, Arkansas

  7. Sabrina Leamons: Birth: 1828 in Louisiana. Death: Unknown

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a. Note:   THERE IS NO GOOD REASON TO BELIEVE JEMIMA'S MAIDEN NAME WAS HOLDER. IT IS AN INTERNET FABLE. 1850 Census of Bienville Parish Louisiana Year: 1850; Census Place: Western District, Bienville, Louisiana; Roll: M432_230; Page: 280; Image: 73.
  Jemima Lemons 59 F Kentucky Value of real estate: $700
 Joshua Lemons 26 M Arkansas Laborer
 Sabrinah Lemons 22 F Louisiana Over 20 and cannot read or write
 Eveline Lemons 6 F Louisiana
 Levi Holder 44 M Kentucky None (occupation)
 Elizabeth E. Holder 31 F Arkansas Over 20 and cannot read or write
 Martha J. Holder 8 F Louisiana
 John C. Holder 7 M Louisiana
 Nathaniel 5 M Louisiana
 Joshua 4 M Louisiana
 William A. 1 M Louisiana
  Daughter Tabbitha and family in household immediately following.
  Speculation as to the identity of Jemima Leamons:
  At one time, a search of rootsweb's world connect database for Jemima ____ born 1791 in Kentucky yielded on hit: Jemima Demaree of Kentucky. She could be our link. Her name, age and place of birth match. Jemima Demaree's later history and marital status is unknown. Her oldest sister was Mary "Polly" and our Jemima's oldest daughter was Mary "Polly". Additionally, Jemima Leamons' daughter Tabitha primarily used family names for her children. She had one daughter named Demarius. The Demaree family of Kentucky in earlier generations went by Demarest. Jemima was a recurring name among the Demarest family whose roots can be traced back to Holland. The name Jemima was used for several of our Jemima's grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
  Some individuals have chosen to identify Jemima as a "Holder". No hard evidence supporting this hypothesis has been presented. It is true there were Holders in Jemima's household in 1850, but we know those Holders were her daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.