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Marriage: Children:
  1. William Holt: Birth: 1797 in NC. Death: AFT 1850 in Wayne, Tennessee, USA

  2. Keaton Holt: Birth: 12 JUN 1797 in South Carolina, USA. Death: unk

  3. Elizabeth Holt: Birth: 1798 in NC/TN. Death: AFT 1870

  4. Benjamin Wheatley Holt: Birth: 6 APR 1806 in Wilkes Co., NC. Death: 6 MAR 1894 in Wayne, Tennessee, USA

  5. Joseph Holt: Birth: 19 AUG 1808 in Wilkes Co., NC. Death: UNK

a. Note:   Holt Ambrose to Nancy Murray marriage 14 Oct 1794.jpg 1840C, Wayne Co., TN
 1860C, Wayne Co., TN, 10CD, hh 406/406, cypress Inn, Pg 60.. more avail on parents..dw
  Ambrose Holt, Benja. Holt, Elender Fuller to William Holt-Deed Bk F1/6
  This Indenture made this 30th day of January AD 1804 between Ambrose Holt Benja. Holt Elender Fulander (sic) and Wm Holt all of the County of Wilkes & State of North Carolina Witnesseth that they the said Ambrose Holt Benja Holt and Elendar Fuller for and in consideration of the Sum of two hundred dollars to him in hand paid by the sd Wm Holt hath bargained and Sold and by These presents doth bargain Sell Convey and Confirm unto him The Said William Holt a tract of Land containing one hundred and fifty acres be the Same more or less Lying in the County aforesaid on the head of Kings Creek it being part of a tract of Land Granted by the State to William Holt Dec. Begining (sic) on a white oak & black Gum thence East to a pine in Selbys line thence North thirty degrees East forty two chain with Said line to a white oak thence North ten Degrees west Eighteen Chain to a pine in Edmund Tilleys line Runing (sic) west five Chain with the Road to a pine thence North five Chain to a poplar in Zarrah Coffeys line then west thirteen Chain to stake in John Stapps line Then South fifteen Chain to a pine thence west to a stake to a conditional Line thence Runing (sic) a Conditional line to a post oak bush from thence to a black oak from thence to a Stake and from the corner to a Maple then to a poplar on a bank and from that the Begining (sic) together with every Right Title privilege and Emolument to the Said Land belonging or in any wise apportaining and they the Said Ambrose Holt Benjamin Holt and Elendar Fuller hereby bind ourselves Together with every Right title privilegtee and emolument to the said Land belonging or anywise appurtaining and they the said Ambrose Holt Benja Holt & Elender Fuller doth hereby bind ourselves our heirs &c well and truly to warrant and the aforesaid premises with all the appurtinences thereunto belonging to him the said William Holt his heirs and assigns forever free and clear of all Right title or Claim of them the said Ambrose Holt Benja Holt and Ellendar Fuller their heirs or assigns or any other person Claiming by or under him the ___ Witness whereof the Said Ambrose Holt Benjamin Holt & Ellendar Fuller hath hereunto set their hands & seals the day above written. Signed Ambrose Holt
 Signd seald & deliverd Benjamin Holt in presence of Elendar Fuller
 Lewis Carlton January Term 1804
 Mary Carlton The within deed was proven in open Court by the oath of Lewis Carlton & ordered to be Registered Test Wm B Lenoir CC.
  Wayne Co., TN Census Records Vol I: 1820, 1830 & 1840", The Byler Press, 1974 Page 99
 1840C Ambros Holt 10000001-/000000001-
  1850C, Wayne Co., TN, CD10, REEL NO: M432-899 PAGE NO: 237 REF: 2 Nov 1850, 39B(676)
 10 996 1008 Holt Ambros 77 M Farmer 500 NC X
 11 996 1008 Holt Mary 73 NC X
 12 996 1008 Holt Ambros 14 M TN
  8 1021 1035 Holt William 52 M Farmer 1,000 NC
 9 1021 1035 Holt Dicy 54 F NC X
 10 1021 1035 Holt Elisabeth 30 F TN X
 11 1021 1035 Holt Mary 28 F TN X
 12 1021 1035 Holt Nancy 25 F TN X
 13 1021 1035 Holt Louzena 23 F TN
 14 1021 1035 Holt Dicy 22 F TN
 15 1021 1035 Holt Jane 20 F TN
 16 1021 1035 Holt Wm. 18 M Farmer TN
 17 1021 1035 Holt Benjamin 16 M Farmer TN
 18 1021 1035 Holt Dicy 10 F TN
 REMARKS: Grandchildren?
 19 1021 1035 Holt Legrand 6 M TN
 20 1021 1035 Holt Parilee 2 F TN
  14 122 125 Holt Anthony 60 M Farmer NC X
 15 122 125 Holt F. L. 48 F NC X
 16 122 125 Holt Henry 25 M Farmer TN X
 17 122 125 Holt Jesse 17 M TN X
 18 122 125 Holt Wm. 8 M TN
 19 122 125 Holt N. J. 4 F TN
  1860C, Wayne Co., TN, CD10, REEL NO: M653-127 PAGE NO: 103 REF: 28 June 1860 (60), Cypress Inn
 33 406 406 Holt Ambros 87 M --- 30 NC
 34 406 406 Holt Polly 81 F NC
 35 407 407 Bivens Burton 29 M Ditcher --- 25 NC
 36 407 407 Bivens Mary J. 25 F TN
 37 407 407 Bivens James N. 2 M TN
 38 407 407 Bivens Hettie E. 3/12 F TN
 39 407 407 Holt Martha 19 F TN
 Published and Microform Genealogies Wayne County, Tennessee
 6173 Descendants of Ambrose Holt (1776-1866) by Thomas & Emanola Holt, 1991, Cypress Inn, TN 38452. 1850c tn wayne dist10 hh996/1008 pg339B img2of8 2nov is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.