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  1. Sylvester B. (Benner?) Lindsey: Birth: CA 1791 in Newberry, South Carolina, USA. Death: AFT 1870

  2. Philip "Drummer" Lindsey: Birth: 1804 in Newberry, South Carolina, USA. Death: 1891

  3. ! Phillip Lindsey: Birth: 1805 in Newberry, North Carolina, USA. Death: AFT 1880 in Lauderdale, Alabama, USA

  4. William Orin Lindsey: Birth: ABT 1811 in Newberry, South Carolina, USA. Death: BEF 1850 in Wayne, Tennessee, USA

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a. Note:   John L. Lindsey, also a veteran of the American Revolution was the oldest child of Captain Samuel and Elizabeth (Mary) Ford Lindsey. Married to Rebecca Anderson 1764? - born Frederuck Co., VA, great Shenandosh Valley
 1769 - Newberry Co., SC as a child moved with his family
 1779-1780 - South Carolina Militia, Revolutionary War
 1790 - Newberry Co., SC Census between the age of 26 and 45
 1819 - Giles Co., TN tax list
 1820 - Maury Co., TN
 1826 - Wayne Co., TN, Cypress Inn - purchased land
 1830 Wayne County Tennessee Census John L. Lindsey000200001-/00001001
 1840c tn wayne 0000000001-000000001 pg106a 79of83.jpg
 Although very young, he served in the Rev. War. His grandmother Alcey lived with him in the 1880 Census..ohc
  John L. Lindsey was our first direct ancestor in Tennessee. He was in Giles County, Tennessee, as early as 1819; he is listed that year on the tax list. In 1820 he was residing in Maury County, Tennessee. Later, in 1826, he purchased land at Cypress Inn, Wayne County, Tennessee. This farm was located not far from the Alabama line. Although not the first of our Lindseys to settle in Tennessee, he was, however, the first of our direct lineage in Tennessee. The 1812 Giles County, Tennessee, Tax List shows two Lindseys - James and Samuel. James was a brother and the Samuel Lindsey listed is believed to be a nephew..
  John L. Lindsey was born in Frederick County, Virginia - in the great Shenadoah Valley - about the year 1764. He moved as a child with his parents, grandparents, and a host of other Lindsey relatives, to Newberry County, South Carolina, in 1769. He is listed in the 1790 Newberry Census as being between the age of 26-45. Therefore, he was probably in his fifties when he came to Tennessee and over the age of sixty when he bought his Wayne County farm. His parents were Captain Samuel Lindsey and Mary Ford Lindsey..
  Our John L. Lindsey, along with his father, three uncles, and a number of other close relatives, was a soldier during the Revolutionary War. Although, a young man, perhaps fifteen or sixteen years old, he enlisted as a private in the South Carolina militia and served during the years 1779 and 1780 (Reference AA 4595 / P180.) Our John's participation in the Revolution can also be verified in that two veterans listed him as one who could identify their services in that war when they applied for a federal pension..
  John L. Lindsey was married to Rebecca Anderson of South Carolina. Rebecca was a daughter of Rebecca Anderson who was a sister to Elizabeth Ford. Rebecca Anderson's family were original settlers in Newberry County, South Carolina, at a place called "The Fork," an area on the Broad River between Enoree and Tiger. The author, John Belton O'Neall, writes that the early families living at "The Fork" were, generally, immigrants from North Carolina and Virginia. One of these Anderson's, perhaps a close relative, was in Wayne County, Tennessee, at about the time as were our Lindseys. The 1840 Wayne County census shows an Anderson family living next door to the family of John L. Linsey..
  John L. Lindsey and Rebecca Anderson Lindsey of Wayne County, Tennessee, had a number of children. Although, the order of birth is not known at this time as to who was the oldest and who was the youngest - Sylvester B., Phillip, William Orin, and a daughter that married a Thigpen.
  John Lindsey of Bush River, Newberry Co., SC
  Source documents prove that John Lindsey, son of Samuel Lindsey of Newberry Co., SC was born after 1775, and that he lived in Newberry Co. as an adult. John Lindsey was living in Newberry Co. when he administered the estate of his mother, Elizabeth Lindsey, in 1827. Original signatures of both John L. Lindsey of Wayne Co., TN and John Lindsey of Newberry Co. show that they were two different men. Records show that John Lindsey, son of Samuel Lindsey, married a cousin named Elizabeth Lindsey in Newberry Co. ca. 1823. DNA evidence also places the family of Samuel Lindsey in Lindsay Surname DNA Project Group 2, while a descendant of John L. Lindsey of Wayne Co., TN has been placed in Group 8. Please see my documented research: (Susan Grabek
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