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a. Note:   This article appeared in THE FLORENCE TIMES, November 18, 1925 LAUDERDALE WOMAN IS FOUND SUICIDE
 Hanging by her neck with her feet only six inches from the ground, the dead body of a Miss Young, spinster sister of Owen Young of Gravelly Springs was found in the smoke house near her home about five o'clock yesterday afternoon. Miss Young had brooded over the death of her mother which occurred about a year ago and circumstances are conclusive that her death was an act of suicide. She had tied a trace chain to a rafter, using a cloth to wrap the end that she tied around her neck. After fastening the chain securely she jumped off a large wooden box, breaking her neck. Immediately after finding of the body the sheriff's office was notified and the sheriff, health officer and coroner went to the scene but the case was so evident as one of suicide an inquest was not held.
  This information from the memory of Jesse Bert Wood: Miss Lum visited with Dad's family often, her mother died in November 1924 and Lum was lonesome and missed her mother very much. She had spent the night with her brother, Butler and his wife Lou Wiley Young, she told them she was going home to feed and check on her chickens. Butler lived on Bluff Creek near where the bridge called the Hubert Young bridge now is located, Lum lived on the hill near the place where Harvey Young lives. When she did not return to Butler's home, Lou went to check on her and found her hanging in the smokehouse. Relatives were contacted and Ellis Young went to town to notify authorities. Friends, neighbors and relatives gathered at the house and the body had to remain until the coroner had checked it, which probably was a long period of time as there was no phones in that part of the county, Ellis probably had to drive to Florence to notify the Sheriff. Dad was a young man, 15 years of age, he and Grandpa Pugh and Uncle Finis were there, Dave Young and others he could not remember were there. Owen must have been there since he was the only one mentioned in the article above. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.