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  1. William Perry AYLESWORTH: Birth: 18 NOV 1873 in London, Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada. Death: 17 MAY 1934 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  2. Richard Arthur AYLSWORTH: Birth: 2 AUG 1876 in London, Middlesex, Ontario, Canada. Death: 25 JAN 1964 in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

  3. Harry AYLESWORTH: Birth: 1881 in London, Middlesex, Ontario, Canada. Death: 1881 ?

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a. Note:   The following notes are from a book entitled "WHITEHEAD WANDERINGS 1883 - 1983".
  [The notes were provided to Sam Aylesworth by email on January 19, 2003 by James D. Wall, President of South West Branch of the Manitoba Genealogical Society. The notes have been rewritten somewhat for greater clarity. Sam later obtained a copy of the book from which these notes were copied: "Whitehead Wanderings 1883 - 1983", see page 41]
  "Ebenezer Aylsworth and Rosanna Wilson decendants of the United Empire Loyalist, were married in London Ontario on May 31 1870. With their two sons, Perry and Arthur, they came by railway to Brandon in 1883, settling near Alexander at Sec 10, Range 10, Township 21.
  They made their home in Brandon for two years while the father walked to the farm Monday morning and back on Saturday evening, farming and building a home for the family.
  PERRY, their oldest son, married Lottie Lloyd of Beresford. He joined the army and went overseas in 1916. When the war was over he moved to Calgary. They had two sons, Arthur and Wesley.
  ARTHUR, the second son of Ebenezer and Rosanna, married Louisa Speers of Alexander. They farmed at the home farm until moving to Brandon in 1918. They had a son William and a daughter, Georgina.
  Georgina married Fred Shelton of Kemnay, and they have two sons, Glen and Murray.
 The two sons live and farm at Kemnay. Glen F. Shelton can be reached by phone at 203-728-1175, and Murray Shelton at 204-728-0303.
  William married Katherine Jack of Terrance, Manitoba. William served in the army during the last war (second world war} and then, with their two sons -- William and James -- the family settled in Vancouver, B.C..
  Regarding the name "EBENEZER":
 - Bowen and Hannah Perry had a son Ebenezer, who died as an infant. (See Homer, p 85)
 That young boy was a brother to Daniel Perry Aylesworth, the father of this Ebenezer.
 Perhaps, then Daniel Perry Aylesworth named his son after his brother who had died as an infant.
  - Two of the leading Empire Loyalists of the late 1700's were Edward & Ebenezer Jessup.
  - Also, see the write up regarding Ebenezer Perry (1801 - 1881) in the book Ernestown, Lennox & Addington, Ontario, Canada : Rural Spaces, Urban Places" by Larry Turner, Dundurn Press, Toronto, 1993.
  Note from SWA, August 10, 2003: Uncertainty over the date of death for Ebenezer Aylsworth:
  A search of the registered deaths found no record of a death for Ebenezer Aylsworth (or Aylesworth) for the years 1882 to May 5, 2003. The search was limited to records held by the Province of Manitoba, and was undertaken by the Vital Statistics Agency of Manitoba Consumer and Corporate Affairs.
  However, in the book referred to above their is a picture, dated 1898, of Rosanna Wilson and her sons, Perry and Arthur. The picture suggests that Ebenezer died in or prior to 1898.
  Further note, written December 21, 2003, relating to the date of death:
  A researcher named Bonnie Bridge, who lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, found the following article in the Brandon Sun issued Thursday, August 8, 1895. The reference is the district of Alexander and it is dated Monday August 5th, 1895:
  "On Friday morning [August 2nd] the people of this district were very much shocked to hear that Mr. Aylesworth had passed away. He attended prayer meeting in the Methodist church in this place the evening before his death, looking and feeling as well as he ever did. He compained the next morning of not feeling very well , but did not think of anything serious. After breakfast he went out to the stable. At the same time Mrs. Aylesworth went out to the garden to pull some peas for dinner, and when she returned to the house she found him dead on the sofa. Heart failure was probably the cause of death.
  Deceased had veen an active member of the Methodist church and a devout Christian, and he will be very much missed in church work, and more especially in the Sabbath school. In cases of sickness he was always found doing all he could do to alleviate suffering. The remains were followed by the largest procession that has ever been seen in this part of the country. The bereaved family have the sympathy of the whole school."
  Clarification: perhaps, then, Ebenezer died on Thurday, August 1st, 1895.
 According to Bonnie Bridge, the index to United Church records prior to 1915 indicates that Ebenzer was buried on August 17, 1895. That United Church record is probably incorrect, for the newspaper article indicates that the funeral had been held sometime prior to August 5th [probably on Saturday, August 3rd ?].
  I regret that no more extensive information about Ebenezer or Rosanna has passed to me, Samuel Wm. Aylesworth (note written in Calgary, 2006).
  Ebenezer, died in 1895. Rosanna died in 1903. My grandfather, William Perry Aylesworth was born in 1873, so he would have known both of them well. William Perry Aylesworth married Sarah Charlotte Lloyd in 1899, so "Lottie" (as she was called) would have known Rosanna but not Ebenezer.
  Research by Billee Wilson Hoornbeek provided me with extensive information about the family of Rosanna Wilson (ancestors and descendants), which I have added into this family database.
  My father did not know anything about Ebenezer (not even his name). However, for some unknown reason, my father did recall that his paternal grandmother was named Rosanna Wilson; he said he knew nothing more about her. However, his recalling of her name was VERY helpful to me, as I was able to locate the name Rosanna Wilson married to Ebenezer Aylsworth in the 1897 book on the Aylsworth family written by Dr. Homer Elhanan Aylsworth. This made it possible for me to trace our ancestry back to many previous generations of the Aylsworth/Aylesworth/Aylworth family.
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