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Individual Page

Marriage: Children:
  1. Paulina "Lena" Lewis: Birth: abt 1851 in Missouri.

1. Title:   Immigration record
Page:   NY Pass. Lists, 1820-1957, 1834>July>1834>Hogarth, im 2/3
2. Title:   Missouri Death Records, 1834-1931
3. Title:   1860 census
Page:   Missouri, St. Louis, Carondelet, im 74/189
4. Title:   1870 census
Page:   Missouri, St. Louis, Carondelet, p 529, im 168/306
5. Title:   1880 census
Page:   Missouri, St. Louis, St. Louis (Carondelet), dist 424, im 3/13
6. Title:   Missouri Marriages to 1850

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