(Princess)Eleanor /Plantagenet/
D: 13 MAR 1275
P: Montargis Abbey, France

 (King)John Lackland I of England and /Normandy/
B: 24 DEC 1167
P: Kings Manorhouse, Beaumont Palace, Oxford,...
D: 19 OCT 1216
P: Newark Castle, Newark-On-Trent, Nottingham...

 (Queen)Isabella Taillefer of /England/
B: ABT 1188
P: Angouleme, Charente, France
D: 31 MAY 1246
P: Fontevrault, Maine-et-Loire, France

 (King)Henry II of /England/
B: 25 MAR 1133
P: Le Mans, Sarthe, Anjou
M: 18 MAY 1152
P: Bordeaux Cathedral, Gironde, Bordeaux, France
D: 6 JUL 1189
P: Chinon Castle, Tourane, Indre-Et-Loire, Fr...

 (Queen)Eleanore of Aquitaine /d'Aquitaine/
B: ABT 1122
P: Chateau de Belin, Guinne, France
D: 1 APR 1204
P: Mirabell Castle, Fontevrauld Abbey, Maine-...

 (Count)Aymer Taillefer Of /Angouleme/
B: ABT 1160
P: Angouleme, Charente, Aquitaine, France
M: 1180
D: 16 JUN 1202
P: Limoges, France

 (Countess)Alice /De Courtenay/
B: ABT 1160
P: Courtenay, Loiret, or Galinois
D: 1216
P: France

 (Duke)Geoffrey Plantagenet V Of /Normandy/
B: 24 AUG 1113
P: Anjou, Normandy, France
M: 1127
P: Le Mans, Sarthe, France
D: 7 SEP 1151
P: Chateau, Eure-et-Loir, France
 (Queen)Alice Matilda of /England/
B: 1103
P: Winchester OR London, Middlesex, England
D: 10 SEP 1167
P: Abbey of Notre Dame des Pres, Rouen, Seine...
 (Duke)Guillaume d'Poitou VIII /d'Aquitaine/
B: 1099
P: France
M: 1121
P: France
D: 19 APR 1137
P: France
 (Duchess)Eleanor d' Chastellerault /d'Aquitaine/
B: ABT 1103
P: Chastellerault, Aquitaine, France
D: AFT MAR 1129
 (Count)Guillaume Tallifer IV /d'Angouleme/
B: ABT 1134
P: Angouleme, Aquitaine, France
D: 7 AUG 1187
P: Messina, Sicily, Italy
 Marguerite /Turenne/
B: BET 1120 AND 1136
P: France
 (Prince)Pierre De Courtenay Of /France/
B: 1125
P: Courtenay, Loiret, France
M: 1150
P: France
D: 10 APR 1183
P: Palestine
 Elizabeth /De Courtenay/
B: ABT 1127
P: Courtenay, Loiret, France
D: ABT 14 SEP 1205
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