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Christian Stewart: Birth: Abt 1400.
David of Strathern Stewart: Birth: Abt 1356. Death: Bef 1389
Egidia (Jill) Stewart: Birth: Abt 1360 in Scone,PERT,Scot.. Death: Aft 1387
Egidia (Jill) Stewart: Death: Aft 1405
Egidia Stewart: Birth: Abt 1362.
Elizabeth of Scotland Stewart: Birth: Abt 1348 in Dundonald,AYR,Scot.. Death: Abt 1389
Elizabeth Stewart: Birth: Abt 1461 in Atholl,PERT,Scot..
Elizabeth Stewart: Birth: Abt 1466 in Darnley,R,Scot..
Elizabeth Stewart: Death: Bef 1378
Elizabeth Stewart: Birth: Abt 1386.
Elizabeth Stewart: Birth: Bef 1393 in Albany,LANA,Scot..
Euphemia of Strathern Stewart: Birth: Abt 1384. Death: Oct 1415
Euphemia Stewart: Death: Abt 1267 in Whittingham,ELOT,Scot.
Hawise Stewart: Birth: Abt 1265.
Isabel of Bothwell Stewart: Birth: Abt 1482 in Traquair,P,Scot.. Death: Feb 1557
Isabel Stewart: Birth: Abt 1302 in Bonkyl,,Scot.. Death: 1347/1348
Isabel Stewart: Birth: Abt 1437 in Lorn,A,Scot.. Death: 26 Oct 1510 in Dumbarton,,Scot.
Isobel Stewart: Birth: Abt 1382.
Isobel Stewart: Death: 26 Oct 1510
Isobel Stewart: Birth: Abt 1290 in Bonkyl,,Scot.. Death: Aft 16 Jul 1351
James of Lorn Stewart: Birth: Abt 1390 in Innermeath,A,Scot.. Death: Aft 1451
James of Pearston Stewart: Birth: Abt 1276 in Bonkyl,,Scot.. Death: 1333 in Halidon Hill,battle
James Stewart: Birth: Abt 1261 in ,Scot.. Death: 16 Jul 1309
Janet Stewart: Birth: Abt 1373.
Janet Stewart: Birth: Abt 1502 in Edinburgh,MLOT,Scot.. Death: Aft 1560
Jean Stewart: Birth: Abt 1468 in Traquair,P,Scot.. Death: 27 Oct 1510 in Strathbogie,ABER,Scot.
Joan Jean Stewart: Birth: Abt 1432 in Perth,PERT,Scot.. Death: Aft 16 Oct 1486
John of Angus Stewart: Birth: in Bonkyl,,Scot.. Death: 9 Dec 1331
John of Atholl Stewart: Birth: in Balveny,FIFE,Scot.. Death: 15 Sep 1512 in Laighwood
John of Bonkyl Stewart: Death: 22 Jul 1298 in Falkirk,battle
John of Lennox Stewart: Birth: Abt 1420 in Darnley,R,Scot.. Death: Bef 11 Sep 1495
John of Lorn & Inner. Stewart: Birth: Abt 1355. Death: 26 Apr 1421
John of Lorn Stewart: Birth: Abt 1400 in Lorn,A,Scot.. Death: 20 Dec 1463
Margaret of Angus Stewart: Birth: 1354. Death: 23 Mar 1417/1418
Margaret or Johanna Stewart: Birth: Abt 1384.
Margaret Stewart: Birth: Abt 1370 in Dunfermline,,Scot.. Death: Bef Sep 1456 in ,Scot.
Margaret Stewart: Birth: Abt 1330 in Dundonald,AYR,Scot.. Death: Aft 1350
Margaret Stewart: Birth: Abt 1239.
Maria Stewart: Birth: Abt 1369.
Marjory or Marcellina Stewart: Birth: Abt 1389. Death: Aug 1432
Marjory Stewart: Death: Aft 6 May 1417
Mary of Menteith Stewart: Birth: 1320. Death: Bef 1360
Mary of Scotland Stewart: Birth: Abt 1380 in ,D,Scot.. Death: Aft 1458
Mary Stewart: Birth: May 1452. Death: May 1488
Mathew of Lennox Stewart: Birth: Abt 1439. Death: 9 Sep 1513 in Flodden,battle
Robert of Albany Stewart: Birth: Abt 1339. Death: 2 Sep 1420
Robert of Innermeath Stewart: Death: Abt 1388
Robert of Lorn Stewart: Birth: Abt 1381. Death: 20 Dec 1463
Thomas of Angus Stewart: Birth: Abt 1330. Death: 1361 in Dumbarton,imprisoned
Walter of Menteith Stewart: Death: Bef 1294
Walter Stewart: Birth: 1292 in Dundonald,AYR,Scot.. Death: 9 Apr 1326 in ,B,Scot.
Walter Stewart: Birth: Abt 1180 in ,Scot.. Death: 1241
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Agnes Stigand: Birth: Abt 1098.
Catherine Stirling: Birth: Abt 1338 in Glensk,A,Scot.. Death: Bef 1378
John of Glensk Stirling: Birth: Abt 1300 in Glensk,A,Scot..
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Euphame Strachan: Birth: Abt 1490 in Kinnaird,ANGU,Scot..
John of Ellesmere Strange: Birth: 1200 in Knockin,SALO,Eng.. Death: 26 Mar 1269
Roger of Knokin Strange: Birth: 1327 in Knockin,SALO,Eng.. Death: 26 Aug 1381
Donald of Monycabock Strathechin: Birth: Abt 1321 in Monycabock,ABER,Scot..
Isabel Strathechin: Birth: Abt 1347 in Monycabock,ABER,Scot..
Ferquhard of S Strathern: Death: 1171
Gilbert of S Strathern: Birth: 1150. Death: 1223
Isabella Strathern: Birth: Abt 1317.
Malise of S Strathern: Birth: 1257. Death: 1312
Malise of S Strathern: Death: Aft 14 Jun 1141
Malise of S Strathern: Death: Aft Apr 1259
Maria Strathern: Death: Bef 1318
Robert of S Strathern: Death: Bef Aug 1244
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Robert Strelley: Birth: Abt 1292 in Strelley,NOTT,Eng..
Guillaume Stuteville: Death: 1202
Joan Stuteville: Birth: Abt 1220 in Thetford,NORF,Eng.. Death: 1276 in Cottingham,YORK,Eng.
Nicholas of Liddell Stuteville: Birth: in ,CUMB.Eng.. Death: 1232
Robert II Stuteville: Death: 1104
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Ralph Sudeley: Birth: in ,Sudeley,GLOU,Eng.. Death: 21 Dec 1057
Hersende Suse: Death: Aft 1110
Alexander of Duffus Sutherland: Birth: Abt 1403 in Duffus,MORA,Scot.. Death: 1484
Alexander of Dunbeath Sutherland: Death: Bef Feb 1455/1456
Elizabeth of S Sutherland: Birth: Abt 1485 in ,SUTH,Scot.. Death: Sep 1535 in Aboyne

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