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Marriage: Children:
  1. Ealdgyth (AEglithia) of Northumbria: Birth: BEF 1016 in of Northumbria, England.

  2. Eadulf Lord Bamburgh: Death: 1041

  3. Gospatric of Northumbria: Death: 1064

Marriage: Children:
  1. Eadwine (Edwin) Earl of Mercia: Birth: 1028. Death: 1071-1073

  2. Morcar (Morkere) Earl of Northumberland: Birth: 1030.

  3. Leverunia of Mercia: Birth: 1034.

  4. Ealdgyth of Mercia: Birth: 1034 in of Mercia, England. Death: 1086

  5. Lucy of Mercia: Birth: 1040 in Mercia, England. Death: in England

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