Margaret /Plantagenet/ of York
B: 3 MAY 1446
P: Fotheringhay Castle, Northamptonshire
D: 28 NOV 1503
P: Malines, Flanders

 Richard of York /Plantagenet/ Duke of York
B: 21 SEP 1412
M: BEF 18 OCT 1424
D: 30 DEC 1460
P: Battle of Wakefield, near Pontefract Castl...

 Cecily "Sweet Cis" /Neville/
B: 3 MAY 1415
P: Raby Castle, Raby, Durham, England
D: 31 MAY 1495
P: Berkhamsted Castle, Hertfordshire

 Richard /Plantagenet/ of York Earl of Cambridge
B: SEP 1376
P: Conisburgh Castle, Yorkshire
M: ABT 1406
D: 5 AUG 1415
P: Southampton Green, Hampshire

 Anne /de Mortimer/
B: 27 DEC 1388
D: 21 SEP 1412

 Sir Ralph de Neville /Earl of Westmorland/
B: ABT 1364
P: Raby, Durham, England
M: 3 Feb 1395/96
P: England
D: 21 OCT 1425
P: Raby Castle, Raby, Durham, England

 Joan /de Beaufort/
B: ABT 1379
P: Beaufort Castle, Anjou, France
D: 13 NOV 1440
P: Howden, Yorkshire, England

 Edmund /Plantagenet/ of Langley Duke of York
B: 5 JUN 1341
P: Kings Langley, Hertfordshire
M: ABT. 1 Mar 1371/72
P: Hertford, England
D: 1 AUG 1402
P: Kings Langley, Hertfordshire
 Isabella /de Castile/
B: 1355
P: Morales, Spain
D: 23 NOV 1393
 Roger de Mortimer /Earl of March/
B: 11 APR 1374
P: Usk, Monmouthshire
M: 7 OCT 1388
D: 15 AUG 1398
P: Kells (Kenlis), Ireland
 Alianore /de Holand/
B: ABT 1373
P: Upholland, Lancashire
D: 18 OCT 1405
P: Bisham, Berkshire
 John de Neville /Baron Neville of Raby/
B: ABT 1331
P: Raby, Durham, England
M: JUL 1357
P: Alnwick, Northumberland
D: 17 OCT 1388
P: Newcastle-on-Tyne, Northumberland
 Maud /de Percy/
B: ABT 1335
P: Warkworth Castle, England or Alnwick, Nort...
D: BEF. 18 Feb 1378/79
 John of Gaunt /Plantagenet/ Duke of Lancaster
B: 28 MAR 1340
P: St. Bavon's Abbey, Ghent, Flanders, Nether...
M: 13 Jan 1396/97
P: Lincoln Cathedral, Lincoln, England
D: 3 Feb 1398/99
P: Leicester Castle, London, England
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