Maud /de Percy/
B: ABT 1335
P: Warkworth Castle, England or Alnwick, Nort...
D: BEF. 18 Feb 1378/79

 Sir Henry de Percy IV /Baron Percy of Alnwick/
B: 6 Feb 1300/01
P: Alnwick, Northumberland, England
P: England
D: ABT. 26 Feb 1351/52
P: Warkworth, England

 Idonea /de Clifford/
B: ABT 1303
P: Clifford, Hertfordshire, England
D: 24 AUG 1365

 Henry de Percy III /Baron Percy of Alnwick/
B: 25 MAR 1273
P: Alnwick, Northumberland, England
D: OCT 1314
P: Fountains Abbey, England

 Eleanor /FitzAlan/
B: ABT 1284
P: Arundel, Sussex
D: AUG 1328

 Robert de Clifford /Baron Clifford of Appleby/
B: 1 APR 1274
P: Clifford Castle, Hertfordshire, England
M: 13 NOV 1295
P: England
D: 24 JUN 1314
P: Clifford Castle, Hertfordshire, England

 Maud /de Clare/
B: 1276-1279
P: England
D: 1 Feb 1324/25
P: England

 Henry de Percy II /Baron Percy/
B: 1228-1235
P: Alnwick, Northumberland
M: 8 SEP 1268
P: Yorkshire, England
D: 29 AUG 1272
 Eleanor /Plantagenet/
B: 1251
P: Alnwick, Northumberland, England
D: 1282
 Sir Richard Fitzalan de Arundel /Earl of Arundel/
B: 3 Feb 1266/67
P: Arundel, Sussex
M: BEF 1285
D: 9 Mar 1301/02
 Alisona (Alice) /de Saluzzo/
B: 1271
P: Italy
D: 25 SEP 1292
 Sir Roger /de Clifford/ III
B: 1248
P: Clifford Castle, Herefordshire, England
M: 1269
D: 6 NOV 1282
P: Menai Straits, Isle of Anglesey, Wales
 Isabel /de Vipont/
B: ABT 1254
P: Ricester, Oxfordshire, England
D: 14 MAY 1291
 Sir Thomas de Clare /Lord Thomond/
B: 1244-1247
P: of Thomond, Connaught, Ireland
M: 1275
P: Essex, England
D: 29 AUG 1287
P: Clare, Ireland
 Juliane FitzMaurice /FitzGerald/ of Offaly
B: 1249-1266
P: of Dublin, Ireland
D: 1300-1309
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