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Rebecca Cooke: Birth: Abt 1688.
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John COOMBS: Birth: Abt 1646 in Of Boston,,Massachusetts.
John COOMBS: Birth: Abt 1626.
Mary COOMBS: Birth: 28 Nov 1666 in Boston,,Massachusetts. Death: 2 Jul 1728 in Plymouth,,Massachusetts
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Lester Cope: Birth: 1879.
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Emeline Cornelius: Birth: Abt 1832 in of Tulare,Tulare,California.
Cornell: Birth: Abt 1660.
Elizabeth Cornell: Birth: Abt 1680 in of Yorktown,Livingston,New York.
Mercy or Mary Cornish Or Curnish: Birth: 4 Aug 1654 in Plymouth,Plymouth,Massachusetts. Death: 14 Aug 1714 in Plympton,Plymouth,Massachusetts
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M Mary Cowles (probably): Birth: Abt 1648 in Hatfield,Hampshire,Massachusetts.
Cox: Birth: Abt 1560 in of St James,Bury St Edmunds,Suffolk,England. Death: 12 Jan 1600
Christopher Cox: Birth: 11 Jun 1554 in St James,Bury St Edmunds,Suffolk,England. Death: 11 Feb 1625 in (Will Pr)
Sarah Cox: Birth: Abt 1593 in Moulton,Suffolk,England. Death: 1671 in Hadley,Hampshire,Massachusetts
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Hannah Creeth: Birth: Apr 1756 in Tullamore,Offaly,,Ireland. Death: 18 Dec 1818 in ,,,Ireland
William Creeth: Birth: 1 Nov 1729 in Tullamore,Offaly,,Ireland. Death: 1754 in ,,,Ireland
Ephraim (Levi) Crocker: Birth: 11 May 1728 in of Cornwall,Litchfield,Connecticut. Death: Bef 1785
Ephriam or Ephram Crocker: Birth: Abt 1798.
Freelove Crocker: Birth: 1760 in Cornwall,Litchfield,Connecticut. Death: 28 Apr 1830 in ,Kingsbury,New York
James CROCKER: Birth: Abt 1688.
Jonathan CROCKER: Birth: 1634. Death: 1661
William CROCKER: Birth: 1634 in Devonshire,,,England.
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James Croft: Birth: Abt 1835.
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Agnes Crow: Birth: Abt 1656.
Bethiah Crow: Birth: 1689.
Christopher Crow: Birth: 1698.
Daniel Crow: Birth: Abt 1656 in of Hartford,Hartford,Connecticut. Death: 12 Aug 1693 in of Hartford,Hartford,Connecticut
Deborah Crow: Birth: Abt 1634. Death: 1697 in Hartford,Hartford,Connecticut
Deborah Crow: Birth: Apr 1693 in Hartford,Hartford,Connecticut.
Deborah Crow: Birth: 1695.
Elizabeth Crow: Birth: Abt 1650 in Hartford,Hartford,Connecticut. Death: 1727
Elizabeth Crow: Birth: 1685 in Hartford,Hartford,Connecticut.
Elizabeth Crow: Birth: 1700.
Esther Crow: Birth: Abt 1628 in Hartford,Hartford,Connecticut. Death: 23 Aug 1700
Hannah Crow: Birth: 6 Dec 1673 in Hadley,Hampshire,Massachusetts.
Hannah Crow: Birth: 13 Jul 1649 in Wethersfield,Hartford,Connecticut.
John Crow: Birth: 1606 in ,England. Death: 16 Jan 1686 in Hartford,Hartford,Connecticut
John Crow: Birth: Abt 1595 in of,England.
John Crow: Birth: Abt 1630 in Hartford,Hartford,Connecticut. Death: 1667 in At Sea
John Crow: Birth: Abt 1671.
John Crow: Birth: 1662. Death: 15 Oct 1728
John Crow: Birth: 1687 in Hartford,Hartford,Connecticut.
John Crow: Birth: 1693.
Joseph Crow: Birth: 1685.
Mary Lewis Crow: Birth: 3 Feb 1672 in So Hadley,Hampshire,Massachusetts. Death: 19 Jun 1761 in So Hadley,Hampshire,Massachusetts
Mary Crow: Birth: Abt 1644 in Hadley,Hampshire,Massachusetts. Death: 12 Oct 1720
Mary Crow: Birth: 1704.
Mehitabel Crow: Birth: Abt 1630. Death: Bef 1667 in of Hartford,Hartford,Connecticut
Mehitabel Crow: Birth: 1691.
Mehitable Crow: Birth: Abt 1652 in Hadley,Hampshire,Massachusetts. Death: 8 Dec 1730
Nathaniel Crow: Birth: Abt 1634 in Hartford,Hartford,Connecticut. Death: 2 Jul 1695 in of Hartford,Hartford,Connecticut
Paul Crow: Birth: 1687.
Ruth Crow: Birth: Abt 1651 in Hadley,Hampshire,Massachusetts.
Samual Or Samuel Crow: Birth: 17 May 1636 in Hadley,Hampshire,Massachusetts. Death: 18 May 1676 in In Turner Falls,Fight
Samuel Crow: Birth: 11 Feb 1675 in Hadley,Hampshire,Massachusetts. Death: 13 Feb 1761
Sarah Crow: Birth: 1 Mar 1646/1647 in Hatfield,Hampshire,Massachusetts. Death: 26 Jun 1719
Thomas Crow: Birth: Abt 1672.
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George H Cundiff: Birth: 1870. Death: 1937 in Kalamazoo,,Michigan
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Mary Curtis: Birth: Abt 1562 in of Sudbury,Suffolk,England.
Mary Curtis: Death: 14 Feb 1674 in Roxbury,Suffolk,Massachusetts
William Curtis: Death: 9 Dec 1672 in Stony River,Massachusetts
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Daniel Cushing: Birth: Abt 1631.
Deborah Cushing: Birth: 18 Nov 1651 in of Bristol,Rhode Island. Death: Aft 1710
Thomas CUSHMAN (COUCHMAN): Birth: Abt 1558 in Of Canterbury,,,England.
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Benjamin Cushman: Birth: 1 Mar 1691 in ,Plymouth,Massachusetts. Death: 17 Oct 1770 in ,Plymouth,Massachusetts
Fear Cushman: Birth: Abt 1710.
Fear Cushman: Birth: Abt 1685.
Jerusha Cushman: Birth: 18 Oct 1732 in Plympton,Plymouth,Massachusetts.
Robert CUSHMAN: Birth: 1578 in Canterbury,,,England. Death: 1626 in ,,,England
Sarah CUSHMAN: Birth: Abt 1619.
Thomas CUSHMAN: Birth: 16 Sep 1637. Death: 23 Aug 1726 in Plymouth,,Massachusetts
Thomas CUSHMAN: Birth: Feb 1608 in ,Kent Co,,England. Death: 21 Dec 1691 in ,,Massachusetts
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