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Jane Parker Whitaker: Birth: WFT Est. 1640-1669 in England. Death: WFT Est. 1703-1759
John "Pegleg" Whitaker: Birth: ABT. 1760 in Rowan Co NC. Death: 13 Jun 1837 in Lincoln Co TN
John J. Whitaker: Birth: 2 Dec 1785 in Pitt Co NC? or Fayette KY. Death: 30 Apr 1853 in Lincoln Co TN
John Whitaker: Birth: 13 Mar 1785. Death: WFT Est. 1786-1875
Joseph Whitaker: Birth: 19 Sep 1788. Death: WFT Est. 1789-1878
Joshua Whitaker: Birth: WFT Est. 1633-1669 in England. Death: WFT Est. 1703-1754
Judith Julia Whitaker: Birth: 1786. Death: WFT Est. 1787-1880
M Whitaker: Birth: 8 Feb 1701/02. Death: WFT Est. 1703-1792
Madison Guess Whitaker: Birth: 1811. Death: WFT Est. 1812-1901
Mark Whitaker: Birth: 8 Apr 1750 in Rowan Co NC. Death: 1842 in Lincoln Co TN
Mark Whitaker: Birth: 1680. Death: 1 May 1729 in Prince Georges Co Md
Mark Whitaker: Birth: 15 Feb 1715/16. Death: WFT Est. 1717-1806
Mark Whitaker: Birth: 19 Jun 1806. Death: WFT Est. 1807-1896
Martha "Patsy" Whitaker: Birth: 1799. Death: WFT Est. 1800-1893
Martha Wilcoxson Wilson Whitaker: Birth: 1755 in Rowan Co Nc. Death: 1895 in Ky
Mary "Polly" Whitaker: Birth: 1800. Death: WFT Est. 1801-1894
Mary M. Whitaker: Birth: 17 Apr 1820. Death: 19 Jun 1874
Nancy Gess Whitaker: Birth: 1770. Death: 1851 in Lincoln Co Tn
Nancy Whitaker: Birth: 1790. Death: WFT Est. 1791-1884
Nancy Whitaker: Birth: 1783. Death: WFT Est. 1784-1877
Newton Whitaker: Birth: 1 Jul 1816. Death: WFT Est. 1817-1906
Perlina Whitaker: Birth: 29 Feb 1812. Death: WFT Est. 1813-1906
Rebecca Whitaker: Birth: 19 Jun 1780. Death: WFT Est. 1781-1874
Sallie Hammond Whitaker: Birth: 2 May 1791. Death: 1 Dec 1863 in Lincoln Co TN
Sarah E. Whitaker: Birth: WFT Est. 1814-1838. Death: WFT Est. 1857-1926
Sarah Whitaker: Birth: 5 Oct 1811. Death: WFT Est. 1812-1905
Thomas Whitaker: Birth: 1795. Death: WFT Est. 1796-1885
Thomas Whitaker: Birth: 13 Jun 1712. Death: WFT Est. 1713-1802
William Whitaker: Birth: 1784. Death: WFT Est. 1785-1874
William Whitaker: Birth: 10 Feb 1700/01. Death: WFT Est. 1702-1791
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Elfleda Of Whitby: Death: 714
Hilda (St.) Of Whitby: Death: 680
Ann Whitchalgh: Birth: ABT. 1606 in of Shuttington, England, Britain.
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(Dau) White: Birth: 1815.
(Dau) White: Birth: 1823.
(Dau) White: Birth: 1828.
(Dau) White: Birth: 1833.
(Dau) White: Birth: 1813.
(Son) White: Birth: 1814 in Franklin Co, GA.
(Son) White: Birth: 1838.
(Son) White: Birth: 1805.
(Son) White: Birth: 1823.
Adaline "Addie" R. White: Birth: ABT. 1835 in White Hall Plantation, Lowndes Co, AL. Death: 1907 in Buried Old Town Cemetery, Dallas County, AL
Adaline Edmonson White: Birth: 3 Sep 1877 in Clay Co, MS. Death: 14 Jul 1976 in Douglas, AZ
Allen White: Birth: 28 Feb 1896 in Lauderdale County, Mississippi. Death: 20 Jan 1980 in Lauderdale County, Mississippi
Allie White: Birth: AFT. 1895.
Alline White: Birth: 7 Jul 1905 in Altoona, Alabama. Death: 10 Jul 1906 in Altoona, Alabama (Altoona-Walnut Grove Cemetery)
Alwyn Thompson White: Birth: 12 Oct 1908 in Altoona, Alabama. Death: 5 Nov 1988 in RFD Altoona, Alabama. Buried Oneonta, AL
Amanda White: Birth: 1853 in Randolph Co, AL.
Andrew Jackson White: Birth: WFT Est. 1841-1890. Death: WFT Est. 1863-1966
Anna White: Birth: 1891. Death: 1957 in Sevier County, Arkansas
Anna White: Birth: 28 Aug 1878. Death: 23 Feb 1892
Anna White: Birth: 1649. Death: 1714
Annie Lee White: Birth: 1889 in TX. Death: 1935 in Quail, Collingsworth Co, TX
Annie Lee White: Birth: WFT Est. 1855-1878. Death: WFT Est. 1900-1966
Benjamin Perry White: Birth: 1 Jan 1817 in Franklin Co, GA. Death: WFT Est. 1844-1904
Benjamin Woodward White: Birth: 26 May 1874. Death: 22 Oct 1936
Betsy Elizabeth White: Birth: Feb 1821.
Betsy G. White: Birth: AFT. 1765.
Callie Owen White: Birth: 22 Oct 1868 in West Point, Clay Co, MS. Death: Sep 1870
Carter White: Birth: 1 Dec 1801 in Pendleton Dist., SC. Death: AFT. 1880 in Morrison's Chapel Cemetery, Randolph Co., Al.
Carter White: Birth: ABT. 1745. Death: Jun 1833 in Lunenburg Co, VA
Carter White: Birth: 29 Apr 1769 in Lunenburg Co, VA. Death: 12 Aug 1858
Charity Ann White: Birth: 14 Mar 1876. Death: 27 Jan 1896
Charles Edward White: Birth: 1878. Death: 1939
Charles Franklin White: Birth: 7 Jun 1888. Death: 19 May 1889
Charlotte White: Birth: 1815. Death: WFT Est. 1816-1909
Clarence Henry White: Birth: 15 May 1893 in TX. Death: 1957 in Hereford, TX
Clark Terrel White: Birth: 1 Jan 1823 in Franklin Co, GA. Death: Jan 1872 in Cleburne Co, AL
Clint Cristo White: Birth: 15 Feb 1895.
Cora Mattie White: Birth: 19 Apr 1883 in Bowie, Montague Co, TX. Death: 18 Nov 1964 in Oklahoma City, Ok (at dau Myrtle's home) (b. Rosedale Cem, Ada, OK
Courtney Lea White: Birth: 18 Nov 1969 in Monroe, Ouachita Parish, Louisiana. Death: 15 May 1992 in Sherman, Greyson County, Texas
Cyrus White: Birth: WFT Est. 1803-1823. Death: WFT Est. 1837-1909
Daniel White: Birth: 1649. Death: 1650
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