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Marriage: Children:
  1. Carter White: Birth: 1 Dec 1801 in Pendleton Dist., SC. Death: AFT. 1880 in Morrison's Chapel Cemetery, Randolph Co., Al.

  2. Obadiah White: Birth: 20 May 1803 in Franklin Co, GA. Death: 24 Jan 1878 in Franklin Co, GA

  3. David White: Birth: 17 Sep 1805 in Franklin Co, GA.

  4. John A. White: Birth: 19 May 1807 in Franklin Co, GA.

  5. Richard White: Birth: 4 Jun 1811 in Franklin Co, GA. Death: 8 Feb 1885 in Sunset, Montague Co, TX

  6. William White: Birth: 18 Feb 1812 in Franklin Co, GA. Death: 15 Feb 1899

  7. James Francis White: Birth: 18 Jul 1813 in Franklin Co, GA. Death: ABT. 1884 in Cleburne Co, Al

  8. Matthew Jackson White: Birth: 30 Jan 1815 in Franklin Co, GA. Death: 21 Apr 1902 in Cleburne Co, Al

  9. Benjamin Perry White: Birth: 1 Jan 1817 in Franklin Co, GA. Death: WFT Est. 1844-1904

  10. Joshua Word White: Birth: 18 Jul 1819 in Franklin Co, GA. Death: 13 Jul 1901 in Georgia or Milltown, Al (b. Mt. Pleasant Primative Baptist C., Milltown)

  11. Clark Terrel White: Birth: 1 Jan 1823 in Franklin Co, GA. Death: Jan 1872 in Cleburne Co, AL

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