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Marriage: Children:
  1. Agnes Augusta ISENHOWER: Birth: 1873 in Murry Co. Ga..

  2. Pauline Inez ISENHOWER: Birth: 1 Nov 1875 in Murry Co. Ga.. Death: 19 Jul 1954 in (30 March 1954) Big Springs, Tex

  3. Elsie ISENHOWER: Birth: 9 Nov 1879 in Collins Co. Tex.. Death: 22 Feb 1962 in San Antonio, Tex.

  4. Lula ISENHOWER: Birth: 1881 in Collins Co. Tex.. Death: 25 Apr 1967

  5. Mary Almyra ISENHOWER: Birth: 15 Dec 1882 in Collins Co. Tex.. Death: 8 Nov 1969

  6. Aurora Estelle ISENHOWER: Birth: 15 Mar 1885 in McKinney, Tex.

  7. Edgar James ISENHOWER: Birth: 25 Oct 1887 in Ga.. Death: 19 Apr 1949

  8. Beulah ISENHOWER: Birth: 17 Mar 1889 in Goldthwaite, Mills Co. Tex. Death: 21 Oct 1972 in Fort Worth, Tex.

  9. John Clarendon "Clark" ISENHOWER: Birth: Abt 1890 in Mills Co. Tex..

  10. Samuel Elkanah ISENHOWER: Birth: 22 Dec 1893 in Goldwaithe, Mills Co. Texas. Death: 30 Sep 1953 in VA Hospital, San Antonio, burial in Woodland Garden,

  11. Veva ISENHOWER: Birth: 1895 in Mills Co. Tex..

a. Note:   She hated the name, Cornelia, and went by Alice & is listed a s C. Alice Isenhower at the cemetery. All but the first tw o of her children were born in Texas D/o John Clarendon James & Augusta Octavia Evans, both born i n Tennessee, m. 25 August 1841. The 1810-1891 Tennessee Censu s lists him as living in Monroe Co. Tenn, 172 8th Civil District ) The Clarendon James family is on the 1870 census of Whitfiel d Co., Ga. but later moved to the Maysville, Arkansas area. Tha t is where Myrtle Overley knew them. They may have lived in th e Cherokee Nation instead of Arkansas. In the Index of 1890 Cen sus of Persons Living Under Permit in Delaware and Cooweescoowe e Districts of the Cherokee Nation, I. T. HIST: @@[email protected]@ is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.