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Emil John Boldt: Birth: 5 Jun 1891 in near San Marcos,Hayes,Texas. Death: 23 Aug 1984 in Bexar County,Texas
Emilie Boldt: Birth: 18 Sep 1858 in Yorktown,DeWitt,Texas. Death: 6 Sep 1942 in Yorktown,DeWitt,Texas
Emilie Boldt: Birth: Sep 1895 in Yorktown,DeWitt,Texas. Death: Bef 1964
Ernestine Anna Boldt: Birth: 25 Nov 1892 in Yorktown,DeWitt,Texas. Death: 12 Jul 1984 in DeWitt,Texas
Ernie Boldt: Birth: Abt 1892 in Bexar County,Texas.
Ferdinand Boldt: Birth: 30 Sep 1889 in Yorktown,DeWitt,Texas. Death: 4 Jul 1930 in Cuero,DeWitt Co.,TX
Frances Augusta Boldt: Birth: 23 Dec 1886 in Yorktown,DeWitt,Texas. Death: 28 Feb 1964 in Yorktown,DeWitt,Texas
Franz Wilhelm Boldt: Birth: 11 Oct 1849 in Althaferwiese,Friedeberg,Brandenburg,Prussia. Death: 9 Apr 1922 in Yorktown,DeWitt,Texas
Franz Boldt: Birth: 26 Jul 1859 in DeWitt County,Texas. Death: 30 Dec 1936 in Yorktown,DeWitt,Texas
Frederich Wilhelm Boldt: Birth: 5 Aug 1863 in Yorktown,DeWitt,Texas. Death: 25 May 1933 in DeWitt County,Texas
Friedrich W. Boldt: Birth: 19 Feb 1872 in Victoria,Victoria,Texas. Death: 4 May 1953 in Bexar County,Texas
George A. Boldt: Birth: Aug 1876 in Balcones,Bexar,Texas.
Gottfried Boldt: Birth: Abt 1795 in Althaferwiese,Friedeberg,Brandonburg,Prussia. Death: Bef 1860 in DeWitt County,Texas
Gus A. Boldt: Birth: Feb 1878 in Balcones,Bexar,Texas. Death: 1960 in Texas
Gustav Bernhard Boldt: Birth: 18 Sep 1886 in DeWitt County,Texas.
Heinrich Carl Boldt: Birth: 20 Sep 1865 in Yorktown,DeWitt,Texas. Death: 19 Jul 1911 in DeWitt County,Texas
Henry William Boldt: Birth: 28 Nov 1880 in Shavono,Bexar,Texas. Death: 19 Apr 1972 in Bexar,Texas
Hugo Carl Boldt: Birth: 21 Feb 1888 in Yorktown,DeWitt,Texas.
Hulda Lina Sophie Boldt: Birth: 26 Mar 1885 in Yorktown,DeWitt,Texas. Death: 17 Jun 1927 in DeWitt County,Texas
Hulda Louise Boldt: Birth: 2 Oct 1888 in Yorktown,DeWitt,Texas. Death: 1973
Ida Alvina Boldt: Birth: 19 Sep 1883 in Yorktown,DeWitt,Texas. Death: 1938
Johann Rudolph Boldt: Birth: 7 Feb 1867 in Yorktown,DeWitt,Texas. Death: 13 Oct 1946 in Yorktown,DeWitt,Texas
Johann Rudolph Boldt: Birth: 1 Jan 1886 in Yorktown,DeWitt,Texas. Death: 23 Dec 1975 in San Antonio,Bexar,Texas
Johanne Louise Boldt: Birth: Abt 1835 in Althaferwiese,Friedeberg,Brandonburg,Prussia.
Joseph Boldt: Birth: Abt 1960. Death: Abt 1976 in Victoria,TX
Josephine Emma Boldt: Birth: 3 Dec 1901 in Yorktown,DeWitt,Texas. Death: 9 Feb 1978 in Bexar County,Texas
Lebrecht Boldt: Birth: 24 Nov 1830 in Netzbruch,Landsberg,Germany. Death: 2 Aug 1908 in Callahan,DeWitt,Texas
Lebrecht Boldt: Birth: 23 Nov 1859 in Yorktown,DeWitt,Texas. Death: 30 Aug 1946 in Yorktown,DeWitt,Texas
Lena Amalie Boldt: Birth: 3 May 1886 in Yorktown,DeWitt,Texas. Death: 31 Mar 1985 in Dallas,Texas
Leon Louis Boldt: Birth: 1 Apr 1913 in Yorktown,DeWitt Co.,Texas. Death: 2 Jan 1986 in Wharton,TX
Lillie A. Boldt: Birth: Dec 1885 in Yorktown,DeWitt,Texas.
Louie Boldt: Birth: Abt 1861.
Louise Auguste Boldt: Birth: 25 Mar 1883 in Yorktown,DeWitt,Texas. Death: 9 May 1923 in DeWitt County,Texas
Louise Sophie Boldt: Birth: 27 Aug 1894 in Yorktown,DeWitt,Texas. Death: 10 Jul 1994
Lydia Boldt: Birth: 29 Jun 1897 in Yorktown,DeWitt,Texas. Death: 16 Dec 1988 in Purvis,Mississippi
Madelina Amanda Boldt: Birth: 6 Jan 1882 in Yorktown,DeWitt,Texas.
Marie Auguste Boldt: Birth: 6 Dec 1888 in Yorktown,DeWitt,Texas. Death: Feb 1984 in Austwell,Texas
Marie Emilie Boldt: Birth: 2 Jan 1837 in Althaferwiese,Friedeberg,Brandonburg,Prussia. Death: 9 Aug 1918 in DeWitt County,Texas
Marie Ida Boldt: Birth: 18 Nov 1881 in Yorktown,DeWitt,Texas. Death: 1955
Mathilda Auguste Boldt: Birth: 18 Dec 1875 in DeWitt County,Texas. Death: 11 Sep 1958 in DeWitt County,Texas
Mathilda Boldt: Birth: 6 May 1859 in Clinton,DeWitt,Texas. Death: 26 May 1933 in Meyersville,DeWitt,Texas
Max Emil Boldt: Birth: 12 Sep 1892 in Yorktown,DeWitt,Texas. Death: 2 May 1964 in Yorktown,Dewitt,Texas
Melanie Boldt: Birth: 17 Sep 1899 in DeWitt County,Texas. Death: 1 Apr 1966 in Yorktown,DeWitt,Texas
Michael Boldt: Death: 2005 in Victoria, Tx
Minnie Boldt: Birth: 10 Feb 1891 in Yorktown,DeWitt Co.,Texas. Death: Nov 1981 in Victoria,Tx
Minnie Boldt: Birth: 1880 in DeWitt County,Texas. Death: 1956 in DeWitt County,Texas
Richard W. Boldt: Birth: 25 Sep 1884 in Cove Creek,Fredericksburg,Gillespie,Texas. Death: Apr 1963 in Bexar County,Texas
Robert Albert Boldt: Birth: 1 Mar 1874 in Lindenau,DeWitt,Texas. Death: 4 Jul 1938 in Santa Rosa,Sanoma,California
Robert Frank Boldt: Birth: 24 Mar 1881 in Callahan,DeWitt,Texas. Death: 26 Dec 1962 in Yorktown,DeWitt,Texas
Robert Boldt: Birth: Abt 1836 in Althaferwiese,Friedeberg,Brandonburg,Prussia. Death: 22 Jul 1864 in Atlanta,Georgia
Sophie Amalie Boldt: Birth: Abt 1829 in Althaferwiese,Friedeberg,Brandonburg,Prussia.
UNKNOWN Boldt: Birth: 1874 in Balcones,Bexar,Texas. Death: 1874 in Balcones,Bexar,Texas
Victor James Boldt: Birth: 7 Dec 1923 in Cuero,DeWitt County,TX,USA. Death: 16 Apr 1990 in Victoria,TX
Wilhelm Robert Boldt: Birth: 2 Jan 1869 in Yorktown,DeWitt,Texas. Death: 17 Feb 1930 in Cuero,DeWitt,Texas
William F. Boldt: Birth: 25 Feb 1896 in Shavono,Bexar,Texas. Death: 15 Jan 1982 in Bexar County,Texas
Willie Boldt: Birth: 24 Jun 1891 in Yorktown,DeWitt,Texas. Death: 4 Sep 1978 in Yorktown,DeWitt,Texas
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Leo Brandenburg: Death: Bef 1953
UNKNOWN Brandenburg: Death: Bef 1953 in Luverne,Rock,Minnesots
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Andreas Burda: Birth: 17 Nov 1800 in Poland.
Angalia Burda: Birth: 4 Feb 1865 in Germany.
Anna Burda: Birth: 2 Aug 1868 in Germany.
Petronella Burda: Birth: 31 May 1877.
Stanislaus Andreas Burda: Birth: 22 Sep 1834 in Poland.
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