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Marriage: Children:
  1. Ellen CARTER: Birth: 22 Sep 1831 in Prince Rock, Plymouth, Devon, England. Death: 10 Oct 1832 in , , , England

  2. Edwin John CARTER: Birth: 28 Sep 1833 in Prince Rock, Plymouth, Devon, England.

  3. William James CARTER: Birth: 29 Jun 1835 in Prince Rock, Plymouth, Devon, England. Death: 21 Aug 1921 in Corowa, N.s.w., Australia

  4. Mary Ellen Carter: Birth: 24 Jun 1836 in Princerock, Plymouth, England. Death: 22 Nov 1915 in Kaysville, Davis, Utah

  5. Jane CARTER: Birth: 16 Feb 1840 in Plymouth, Devon, England. Death: 7 Aug 1933 in Stone, Oneida, Id

  6. Mary Ann CARTER: Birth: 31 Jul 1841 in Charles T Martyr, Plymouth, Devon, England. Death: 19 Nov 1885 in Salt Lake, Salt Lake, Ut

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