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  1. Gerretie Jillisae Mandeville: Birth: ABT. 1660 in Nassau, Long Island, NY. Death: UNKNOWN in NJ

a. Note:   NI00155
Note:   "Gillis de Mandeville was a liquor dealer" An Album of New Netherland , Dillard
"owned a large farm at Greenwich" Banta Gen,
From "The Registry of Ancestors" The Huguenot Society of NJ, INC 1975
Giles De Mandeville to America in DeTrouw (Truth) 2/12/1659 with wife & 4 children. Family from a village near Garderen, Province of Gelderland, Holland. Bought a farm at Flatbush, NY and was given land at Greenwich. Joined NYC ch. Will of 9/15/1696 proved 5/22/1701.
daughter "Grietje,who married May 11, 1687, in NY, Jan Meet (Mead)"
Per Pat Wardell AOL Mandeville, Jillis Jansen (Gillis; Yellis; Giles; Aegidius) Jillis Manderville (Gillis; Yellis; Giles; Aegidius), son of (Rev.) Jan (or Johannes Michaelsz) de Mandeville & Trintje Wilms), m. 1646 Elsie Hendricks. He was bp. June 1626 Doesburg, Netherlands (as Aegisius Jansz de Mandeville). "Gillis Jansen De Mandeville, from Garderen, in the Veluwe, Gelderland, ancestor of the American family of Mandeville came out in the ship Faith, a private trader going to the Manhattens," which sailed February 13, 1659...Gillis (often written Yellis) or Giles De Mandeville was accompanied by his wife Elsie Hendricks and four children, having two born afterward, one being David. Yellis bought a farm at Flatbush, which he finally gave to his eldest son Hendrick, and got the grant of another, of 30 acres, at Greenwich, on Manhattan Island, laid out to him December 5, 1670, and patented December 30, 1680. Here he died between 1696 and 1701. All of his children married. He had but the two sons, both of whom left descendants. David remained on the farm at Greenwich. Hendrick removed from Long Island to Pequannock, N.J. These have given several pastors to the Reformed Church, including Rev. Giles Henry Mandeville, D.D."-Riker, James, History of Harlem, p. 100f Children of Jillis Jansen Mandeville & Elsie Hendricks: (2 sons; four daus.) * Hendrick Mandeville, b. abt. 1650 Holland; m. (1) 18 July 1680 New Amerfoort, Annetje Scholl; m. (2) 21 Apr 1699 New Amsterdam, Elizabeth Jans (Harris or Berry) * Tryntje Jilliszen (Catherine Mandeville), b. abt. 1650 or 1652-3, prob. at Voortbuizen; m. Cornelius Jansen Van der Veer * Altje Mandeville (Heltie; Elsie), b. abt. 1652 Voortbuizen (but may have been b. in America); m. Lowren Jansen De Camp * (poss) Johannes Mandeville (Jan?), b. abt. 1654-5 Voortbuizen * Gerretje Jillis Mandeville, b. abt. 1660 Nieu Amersfoort, NY; m. (1) 7 Oct 1681 Bergen, Wiert Epke Banta; m. (2) Pieter Meet; m. (3) 24 July 1699 Hackensack, Increase Power. * Grietje Mandeville (Grettle; Margaret); b. abt. 1665 Nieuw Amersfoort; m. Jan Pieterse Meet (Meeck) * (poss) William Mandeville, b. abt. 1668 or 1657 NY or Netherlands; m. Elizabeth -?- * David Mandeville, b. abt. 1670 or earlier, prob. in NY; m. (prob) Marrietje Van Hoesen. Sources: Riker, James, History of Harlem, p. 100f; "Mandeville/Manville" response 6/14/92 on Prodigy Genealogical BB from Terry Mandeville (Prodigy # JSPT98A) is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.