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Marriage: Children:
  1. Steve Jasper Amos: Birth: 7 Jan 1877.

  2. Flora Alice Amos: Birth: 30 Jan 1879. Death: 1903

  3. Ira Frank Amos: Birth: 7 Apr 1882.

  4. Otto Glen Amos: Birth: 20 Dec 1883.

  5. Cora Etta Amos: Birth: 20 Feb 1886.

  6. Carrie L Amos: Birth: 27 Mar 1889.

  7. Wayman Clyde (Grover) Amos: Birth: 7 Aug 1891.

  8. Mary E. Amos: Birth: 21 Nov 1893. Death: died young

  9. Anna Belle Amos: Birth: 2/29 Jun 1875 in Kokomo, Ind.. Death: 6 Sep 1958 in Garnett, Kansas

a. Note:   One of the most greatly esteemed agriculturists of Clay township, Howard Co. Made his livelihood on rented farms for a number of years. In 1897 he purchased the place. He is an industrious and prosperous farmer.
  Republican and he takes an active interest in public affaris, and has filled some of the township offices.
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