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Nancy Green: Birth: Abt 1800 in Virginia. Death: Bef 1860
Pleasant Green: Birth: Abt 1843 in Tennessee.
Sallie Green: Birth: Sep 1885 in Tennessee.
Sarah Ann Green: Birth: Abt 1742 in South Carolina.
Syntha E. Green: Birth: Aug 1877 in Tennessee.
William Green: Birth: Abt 1841 in Tennessee.
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Lena May Greer: Birth: 5 Feb 1902 in Cadiz, Ohio. Death: 17 Oct 1974 in Cadiz, Ohio
Cynthia Gregory: Birth: 1835 in Cherokee County, Georgia.
Emily Gregory: Birth: 1822 in South Carolina.
Francis Gregory: Birth: 20 Dec 1848 in Cherokee County, Georgia.
Griffin Jr. Gregory: Birth: 25 Feb 1833 in Cherokee County, Georgia. Death: 6 Jun 1899
Griffin Gregory: Birth: 1798 in South Carolina.
Harriett Gregory: Birth: 1 Nov 1856.
Hiram Gregory: Birth: 1837 in Cherokee County, Georgia.
Howell Cobb Gregory: Birth: 29 Feb 1852.
Inder Gregory: Birth: 1878 in Clay County, Texas.
Jefferson Davis Gregory: Birth: Oct 1861 in St. Clair County, Alabama.
John H. Gregory: Birth: 27 Dec 1820 in South Carolina.
John Gregory: Birth: 3 Apr 1865 in St. Clair County, Alabama.
Josephine Prescilla Gregory: Birth: 7 Jul 1858 in St. Clair County, Alabama.
Louise Ann Gregory: Birth: 1869 in Navarro County, Texas.
Mary Jane Gregory: Birth: 25 May 1850. Death: 10 Jan 1867 in Deposit, Alabama
Maude Gregory: Birth: 1876 in Clay County, Texas.
Molly Gregory: Birth: Aug 1863 in St. Clair County, Alabama.
Sheriff Gregory: Birth: 1842 in Cherokee County, Georgia.
Thomas Gregory: Birth: 1872 in Texas.
Waddie Gregory: Birth: 1844 in Cherokee County, Georgia.
William A. Gregory: Birth: 1856 in St. Clair County, Alabama.
William H. Gregory: Birth: 1826 in South Carolina.
William P. Gregory: Birth: 20 Nov 1853. Death: 24 Apr 1864
Zempeseno Gregory: Birth: 1829 in South Carolina.
Zilphia Gregory: Birth: 1838 in Cherokee County, Georgia.
George Grein: Birth: 9 Nov 1909 in South Dakota. Death: 13 Jan 1998 in Los Angeles, California
Kitty Belle Grein: Birth: 30 Nov 1887 in Rapid City, South Dakota. Death: 24 Oct 1965 in Chadron, Nebraska
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Henry Roscoe Grady Grier: Birth: 22 Aug 1906. Death: 15 Jul 1978
Ola Grier: Birth: Jun 1867 in Georgia. Death: Bef 1920
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Albert B. Griffin: Birth: Abt 1895 in California.
Elizabeth D. Griffin: Birth: 29 Sep 1861 in California. Death: 29 Mar 1940 in San Joaquin County, California
Emma E. Griffin: Birth: Abt 1864 in California.
Francis L. Griffin: Birth: Nov 1859 in California.
Gladys V. Griffin: Birth: Abt 1897 in California.
Jesse Phelps Griffin: Birth: 27 Feb 1892 in California. Death: 13 Jul 1966 in San Joaquin County, California
Margaret Griffin: Birth: Abt 1896 in California.
Mitchell Griffin: Birth: Abt 1821 in Georgia. Death: Bet 1870 and 1872
Sarah E. Griffin: Birth: Abt 1867 in California.
Wilkes F. Griffin: Birth: Abt 1894 in California.
William W. Griffin: Birth: Oct 1869 in California.
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Eli E. Grimes: Birth: 2 Oct 1907 in Georgia. Death: 14 Sep 1980 in Fulton County, Georgia
Flora Ann Frances Grimes: Birth: 19 Jun 1899 in Georgia. Death: 6 Aug 1981
Frances Rebecca Grimes: Birth: 10 Nov 1838 in Georgia. Death: 22 Dec 1898 in Cherokee County, Georgia
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Elizabeth Grisham: Birth: 13 Jul 1826 in South Carolina. Death: 26 Dec 1896 in Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia
Carrie S. Grizzle: Birth: Aug 1897 in Lumpkin County, Georgia.
George Washinton Grizzle: Birth: Mar 1865 in Georgia. Death: Bef 1930
Henry Arthur Grizzle: Birth: Dec 1899 in Lumpkin County, Georgia.
Lannie Grizzle: Birth: Abt 1902 in Georgia.
Lula M. Grizzle: Birth: Jun 1892 in Lumpkin County, Georgia.
Mary E. Grizzle: Birth: Oct 1886 in Lumpkin County, Georgia.
Sarah Caroline Grizzle: Birth: 16 Apr 1862 in Lumpkin County, Georgia. Death: 20 Oct 1941 in Lumpkin County, Georgia
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Savannah Grogan: Birth: 28 Oct 1859. Death: 16 Sep 1937 in Georgia
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Dennis D. Groover: Birth: 13 Sep 1866 in Cobb County, Georgia. Death: 1937 in Oklahoma
Effie Dora Groover: Birth: 17 Jan 1869 in Pickens County, Georgia. Death: 24 Apr 1954 in Fulton County, Georgia
Georgan Lithonia Victoria Groover: Birth: 15 May 1862 in Cobb County, Georgia. Death: 1863 in Cobb County, Georgia
George Milton Groover: Birth: 15 Jun 1867 in Cobb County, Georgia. Death: 1940 in Oklahoma
John Franklin Groover: Birth: 17 Jun 1864 in Cobb County, Georgia. Death: 15 Aug 1939 in Forsyth County, Georgia
Mamie E. Groover: Birth: Feb 1876 in Georgia. Death: 1963
Matildia Savanah Groover: Birth: 27 Jan 1861 in Cobb County, Georgia. Death: 1908
Mattie E. Groover: Birth: 11 Feb 1878. Death: 20 Nov 1967
R. Bailey Groover: Birth: 18 Jun 1883. Death: 24 May 1926
Raford J. Groover: Birth: 22 Apr 1837 in Franklin County, Georgia. Death: 14 Jun 1914 in Milledgeville, Georgia
Susan Groover: Birth: 4 Jul 1848 in Georgia. Death: 18 Nov 1913 in Cobb County, Georgia
William J. Groover: Birth: Jul 1879 in Georgia. Death: 1932
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Martha Jean Guice: Birth: 27 Dec 1919 in Alabama. Death: 29 Oct 1996 in Hokes Bluff, Etowah County, Alabama
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Irene Jewell Gullette: Birth: 7 May 1926 in Kokomo, Howard County, Indiana. Death: 6 Apr 2002 in Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky
Alsa Newton Gunter: Birth: 24 May 1881 in Georgia. Death: 4 Feb 1970 in Thomas County, Georgia
Ella N. Gunter: Birth: Feb 1870 in Forsyth County, Georgia. Death: 1961 in Hall County, Georgia

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