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Marriage: Children:
  1. Charles Lincoln Tecumseh DeVilbiss: Birth: 11 Oct 1866 in Mt. Pleasant, MD. Death: 10 Dec 1897 in Ellinwood, KS

  2. Zoe Ona Elsie DeVilbiss: Birth: 31 Jan 1869 in Frederick County, MD. Death: 27 Dec 1953 in Ringwood, OK

  3. Euler Jacob William Tell DeVilbiss: Birth: 4 Sep 1870 in Frederick County, Maryland. Death: 6 Nov 1956 in Cleo Springs, OK

  4. Grace Ethel DeVilbiss: Birth: 28 Feb 1872 in Frederick County, MD. Death: 13 Apr 1950 in Lincoln, CA

  5. Della Adrene Virgie DeVilbiss: Birth: 10 Sep 1874 in Frederick County, MD. Death: 6 Sep 1968 in Sandesville, GA

  6. Ada Myrtle DeVilbiss: Birth: 26 Dec 1876 in Frederick County, MD. Death: 10 Aug 1950 in Fairview, OK

  7. Eva O.L. DeVilbiss: Birth: 8 Jul 1879 in Ellinwood, KS. Death: 14 Jan 1882 in Ellinwood, KS

a. Note:   he spelling of the family name when he moved west. All his descendants use the "V".
  Served in Civil War - Union forces from Maryland.
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