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Marriage: Children:
  1. Frederick III Shore: Birth: 23 Dec 1731 in Muttenz, Baseland,Switzerland. Death: 1812 in Surry County, NC

  2. Johannes Schorr: Birth: 1733. Death: 1739

  3. Johan Heinrich Shore: Birth: 13 Feb 1734/35 in Muttenz, Baseland,Switzerland. Death: 11 Jan 1819 in Bethania, NC

  4. Heinrich Schorr: Birth: 13 Feb 1734/35 in Muttenz, Baseland,Switzerland. Death: 11 Nov 1819 in Bethania, NC

  5. Johannes Schorr: Birth: 24 May 1737 in Muttenz, Baselland, Switzerland. Death: 10 Jan 1770

  6. Michael Shore: Birth: 1738.

  7. Margaretha Schorr: Birth: 21 Oct 1742. Death: 23 Feb 1777

  8. Baby Shore: Birth: 1750 in 1750.

a. Note:   ch", Capt. Hazelwood, Custom Field:<_FA#> took 5 months, 1 week trip from Basel to Philadelphia Custom Field:<_FA#> arrived in Philadelphia and took oath of allegiance along with son Friedrich Custom Field:<_FA#> took route through Shenandoah Valley stopping to take up land on John's Creek in Custom Field:<_FA#> November 1753, the New River District of VA but the Indian Wars made them move Custom Field:<_FA#> August 27, 1762, tract of land on Mill Creek, of Muddy Creek adjoining Moravian Custom Field:<_FA#> was in Augusta Co. VA, with Indian wars. 1756, left for Bethabara NC to stockade Custom Field:<_FA#> small graveyard still on the land where he is probably buried Custom Field:<_FA#> May 1750, was 44 when came to America, brother Michael was 42 Custom Field:<_FA#> ship named "Sandwich", Captain Hazelwood Custom Field:<_FA#> November 30, 1750, after landing in Philadelphia Nov. 30, 1750 went to VA Custom Field:<_FA#> November 1753, first land, 70 acres, bought in John's Creek in New River Custom Field:<_FA#> district of VA By 1675 there were no white settlers left in the NewRiver District of VA and it was returned to the Cherokees. When Bethania was established in 1759 there were several nneighbors that were allowed to occupy a number of lots in the upper part of the new settlement and among them were Fruedrich Schor, Sr. and his son Heinrich. He did not ever join the Moravian Church. Aug. 27, 1762 he bought a tract of land on a branch of Mill Creek, waters of Muddy Creek and adjoining Moravian land-313 acres. There is an old grave yard on a knoll between the small branches that run into Mill Creek and not far from where Friedrich's home was. There are 8-10 graves thhere and this is most likely where he is buried.
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