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Marriage: Children:
  1. William P. WEST: Birth: 1785 in Onslow NC.

  2. Daniel WEST: Birth: 1786 in Franklin Virginia. Death: Bef Mar 1837 in Sumner Co Tennessee

  3. female WEST: Birth: 1790 in Norh Carolina. Death: 1790

  4. Vashti WEST: Birth: 4 Jul 1791 in North Carolina. Death: 12 Aug 1864 in Hancock County Illinois

  5. Edith WEST: Birth: 1793 in North Carolina.

  6. John Jr. WEST: Birth: 1798 in Onslow NC. Death: 20 Sep 1852 in Sumner Co Tennessee

  7. Mary Elizabeth (Polly) WEST: Birth: 1 Oct 1799 in Onslow NC.

  8. Sarah WEST: Birth: 27 Oct 1800 in Onslow NC.

  1. Joseph WEST: Birth: 3 Nov 1811 in Sumner Co Tennessee.

  2. Susannah WEST: Birth: 1812 in Sumner Co Tennessee.

  3. Thomas WEST: Birth: 19 Jun 1815 in Sumner Co Tennessee.

  4. William P WEST: Birth: 19 Jun 1821.

  5. Annis WEST: Birth: 12 Aug 1824 in Sumner Co Tennessee.

1. Title:   Census 1784-1787
Text:   The Census in North Carolina 1784-1787 shows John West Sr. with

a. Note:   PURC1798White Oak River on the east side of Cranberry pond@@S110@@ Served in the American Revolution Volunteered at the age of 18 Served for 3 months. At the expiration of that 3 months he returned home and was then drafted for an additional 3 months. Fought under Andrew Jackson At New Orleans and Jackson called him "Red Coat Johnny"because he killed so many British. He also went with Jackson in the Creek Expedition and while on this t4ip was bitten by a poisonous snake on his ankle. The ankle never healed completely and each summer it would become swollen and painful. @@S111@@West Family is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.