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Marriage: Children:
  1. David Haney: Birth: 18 Feb 1811 in ,Centre,Pennsylvania,USA.

  2. John Creese Haney: Birth: 17 Dec 1811 in ,Centre,Pennsylvania,USA. Death: 25 Oct 1892 in ,Morrow, Oregon, USA

  3. Elizabeth Haney: Birth: 13 May 1813 in Centre County, PA. Death: 11 Dec 1890 in Altoona, Blair, Pennsylvania

  4. George Haney: Birth: 6 Sep 1814 in ,Centre, Pennsylvania, USA. Death: 23 Dec 1864 in Yellow Creek Township., Linn, Missouri

  5. Mary Magdalene Haney: Birth: 23 May 1816 in ,Centre,Pennsylvania,USA.

  6. James Elias Haney: Birth: 1819 in Centre County, Pennsylvania, USA. Death: AFT 1880

  7. William Haney: Birth: 13 Apr 1821 in , Centre, Pennsylvania, USA. Death: 13 Nov 1888 in Sprucehill Township, Todd, Minnesota

  8. Jonathon Haney: Birth: 17 Apr 1824 in ,Centre, Pennsylvania,USA. Death: 7 Aug 1893 in Yellow Creek Township, Linn Cty., MO

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a. Note:   [vernsr.FTW] Georg Henig changed his name to George Haney. Elizabetha (Monchin)Henigchangedher name to El izabeth Haney. All of their 8 children were bornwith the surname Henig, as shown on a Baptis mal Certificate, now ownedby the family. We onlyknow 6 of the names. I also have a copy o f acertificate written in German withboth George Henig & ElizabethaMonchin's names on it. ( Mother always said thatthe correct spelling oftheir surname was Hoenig) I'm not sure what i t says, but there is a dateof 1814 on it. It also says Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania,Nort hAmerica. (we know that they lived near Altoona. As soon as I have itscanned professionall y I will put it on this website. Will also have ittranslatedby a friend & will include tha t also. Should have this donewithin a couple ofweeks. Today is March 23, 2003. Will list th e names oftheir children on Elizabetha's page.
  Nickname:<NICK> Georg Henig
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