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Marriage: Children:
  1. Vasilia /Theofanides/: Birth: ABT. 1850 in Agathopolis, Turkey.

  2. Thiminitsa /Theofanides/: Birth: ABT. 1850 in Agathopolis, Turkey.

  3. Athanosios /Theofanides/: Birth: ABT. 1855 in Agathopolis, Turkey. Death: ABT. 1935 in New Jersey

  4. Efthimios /Theofanides/: Birth: ABT. 1860 in Agathopolis, Turkey.

  5. Ioannis /Theofanides/: Birth: ABT. 1860 in Agathopolis, Turkey. Death: UNKNOWN in Agathopolis, Turkey

Marriage: Children:
  1. Anastasia /Theofanides/: Birth: 1876 in Agathopolis, Turkey. Death: 1959 in New Jersey

a. Note:   NI001
Note:   Theofanis Theofanides was first married to Anastasia whose surname is unknown and they had at least five children--Athanosios, Efthimios and Ioannis Theofanides and 2 sisters Vasilopoula and Thiminitsa whose Christian name is unknown. The boys, I believe were born n that order because of the ages of their respective grandchildren and Athanosios' are the older, with Efthimios' coming next and Ioannis' being the youngest. There is no information concerning the 2 daughters--whether they married, did they have children--no one knows.
It is believed that Anastasia died before 1876. That is the year when Theofanis and his second wife Xakousty Vroulides Theofanides had their only child Anastasia Theofanides.
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